Farming Mobs Guide to Make more Elder Scrolls Online Gold

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Elemental Storm (Destruction Staff): Builds a storm at a target location (with a radius of 8m) for 2 seconds, then unleashes a damage-over-time effect on all nearby enemies for 7 seconds.

Although there are no shortcuts for producing Elder Scrolls Online Gold quickly, even having many methods available out there. It can be frustrated in terms of struggle and time. Anyway, no need to worry; welcome Farming Mobs guide to make more ESO Gold. This gold farming guide shows an easy way to make gold in ESO.

If you’re more comfortable in combat than in a trader’s guild, then mob farming is for you. Public dungeons are a particularly good spot for this – they usually spawn five or more mobs at a time, and they have a shorter respawn time than other spots. The gold and loot gleaned from encounters like this come at a higher rate per minute than other dungeons or hunting grounds. For even more gold returns, seek out public dungeons with Imperial mobs, who, as a rule, drop more gold at a faster rate.

Based on the above criteria, here are a few of the most popular public dungeons where Imperial mobs will show up:

The Vile Manse (Reaper’s March)

Razak’s Wheel (Bang’korai)

Crimson Cove (Malabal Tor)

Note that public dungeon farming is only manageable if you’ve equipped your character to dish out AOE (area-of-effect) damage. The Destruction Staff and Bow are great weapon types for dealing damage, as both offer at least one worthy AOE skill:

Volley (Bow): Launches a volley of arrows at a target location (with a radius of 5m) for 8 seconds.

Elemental Storm (Destruction Staff): Builds a storm at a target location (with a radius of 8m) for 2 seconds, then unleashes a damage-over-time effect on all nearby enemies for 7 seconds.

Wall of Elements (Destruction Staff): Based on staff element, creates an 18 x 8m zone in front of the caster for 6 seconds that deals damage-over-time and causes elemental status ailments.

Impulse (Destruction Staff): Instantly deals damage in a 6m radius around the caster.

Templars, Wardens, Sorcerers, and Dragonknights come with at least one skill that’s excellent for AOE. Here are some class skills to look out for:

Blazing Spear (Templar): Sends down a shower of divine damage in an 8m radius for 8 seconds.

Impaling Shards (Warden): Summons shards of ice in a 6m radius for 12 seconds.

Lightning Splash (Sorcerer): Creates a storm in a 4m radius for 6 seconds.

Fiery Breath (Dragonknight): Breathes fire in a cone of up to 10m in front of the caster, dealing instant damage and applying damage-over-time for 8 seconds.

Nightblades are excellent for direct damage abilities, but don’t really have much AOE going for them besides the Soul Shred ultimate. As mentioned in the disclaimer at the beginning of the guide, we’re not taking Elsweyr additions into account. That said, there are some great PVE Necromancer builds available on AlcastHQ.

The three best dungeons for this kind of thing are The Vile Manse in Reaper’s March, Razak’s Wheel in Bang’korai, and Crimson Cove in Malabal Tor.

Notably, this kind of farming is only really viable if your character is capable of AOE damage. Some of the best weapons for this are the Destruction Staff or Bow. A Templar’s Blazing Spear, a Warden’s Impaling Shards, a Sorcerer’s Lightning Splash, or a Dragonknight’s Fiery Breath are also great skills to do this kind of damage. We don’t generally recommend a Nightblade build for this purpose, as they don’t have a lot of AOE abilities.

You can also invest your Champion Points in several skills to make mob farming easier for you. Spell Erosion and Piercing can help your abilities bypass your enemies’ armour and increase your kill rate. Precise Strikes and Elfborn can increase your critical rating for physical and spell attacks, respectively.

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