New - Manchester United's thrilling draw vs Barcelona

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The UEFA Europa League match between Manchester United and Barcelona ended in a thrilling 2-2 score. Marcos Alonso scored the first goal for Barcelona, but in the 52nd minute, in-form Marcus Rashford scored for Man United to level the score. Before Raphinha scored for the Spanish club and

Rashford commented on the high-voltage match that took place at the Camp Nou stadium after the fact, saying that his team controlled the first half but had some good chances that could have put them ahead.

We got off to a great start in the game. Possession and control were excellent. Rashford stated, "We had moments in the first half, but not really as many clear chances. Just good moments that could have been great opportunities, I think."

He continued, "Putting the ball across the face of the goal is a huge chance from the first couple of minutes." We just need to gamble more and try to get in front of the goalkeeper, in front of the six-yard box, for tap-ins, even though it wasn't really a chance because no one was there.

Rashford, who is 25 years old, went on to say that Man United needs to take advantage of big moments because they make all the difference in big games. The club can build on this performance in the second leg at Old Trafford, he continued.

So, yes, big moments make the difference in big games. I think we took them, especially in the second half, but we probably could have done more in the first half. However, as previously stated, they are a formidable team, and I believe we received the playing style and strengths we anticipated today. We put in a solid effort, and we can continue to build on it.

"We have to move on at this point, and 2-2 is a result we can reverse. We can definitely take that performance because we have a league game in between, but we want to bring everything we have for the next game,” Rashford said.

Man United will be eager to defeat Barcelona in front of a packed home crowd in the second leg that takes place on February 24 at Old Trafford.