The Ultimate Guide to Aerial Photography

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Capturing beautiful moments is an art, and an individual needs to have good practice and skills to click astonishing pictures. With good aerial photography skills, one can take the photography game to the next level. The beautiful picture clicked through aerial photography says it all. One needs to have a drone in order to capture the mesmerizing aerial landscape.

Nowadays, the craze of aerial photography is at another level. Due to the continuously increasing demand for aerial photographs, aerial photography has become a good career option. But being an aerial photographer is not that easy. First, one needs to master controlling a drone in order to get beautiful aerial pictures. Many companies and individuals provide aerial photography in Mobile, AL, so in order to stand out and become unique, you need to master drone driving and understand the tricks tips to get beautiful aerial pictures.

What is Aerial Photography?

Aerial photography, also known as airborne imagery, clicks pictures from an aircraft, drone, or other airborne platforms. One can use fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, and unmanned aerial vehicles for aerial photography. The aerial photographs provide bird's-eye view images focusing on surface objects and landscapes. Simply put, aerial photography is clicking pictures of the earth from above.

Types of Aerial Photography

Aerial photography can be classified into three categories; they are as follows: -

Vertical Aerial Photography

Vertical photographs include pointing of the lens toward the ground. The camera sensor and earth are relatively parallel to each other while clicking aerial photographs. Vertical photographs create a map-like view because of the parallel placement of the camera sensor. Satellite imagery is the best example of vertical photography.

Low-Oblique Aerial Photography

One needs to tilt the camera about 15 to 30 degrees toward the horizon to click beautiful low-oblique aerial images. The camera tilting creates a skewed view of the earth's surface. These pictures are best captured in helicopters and airplanes. The cityscapes that showcase the skyline are an example of low-oblique style photography.

High-Oblique Aerial Photography

The camera is tilted further toward the horizon, somewhere around 60 degrees upward, to click high-oblique aerial photographs. Tilting the camera allows for capturing a wider field of vision resulting in breathtaking pictures. In high-oblique aerial photography, the field is so wide that sometimes it includes the horizon.

Wrapping Up

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