The Value of Well Control and Drilling Safety

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The Value of Well Control and Drilling Safety

Techniques for enhancing well-control safety technologies


rigourously standardize well control safety technology design


In order for drilling and well control safety technology to advance in the direction of standardization and management, it must be designed strictly in accordance with the standards. In order to remove potential safety concerns during the installation of equipment, we must abide by the principles of high standards and stringent criteria, which is in line with the design of drilling and well control safety technology.


The professional caliber of well-controlled workers should be raised.


The most fundamental task in drilling work is well control safety work. Education and training employees' safety well control knowledge is a significant event in well control job since it is crucial to their well control. The business should create a hands-on training program to raise the level of safety consciousness among well-trained staff. Emergency drills must be strengthened, and employees' understanding of drilling and well control can be significantly increased through real-world warfare drills.


To improve the drilling and well control special inspection


Daily inspections of the drilling and well control equipment are necessary in addition to routine inspections of the drilling equipment. The business must set up technical personnel to handle any issues discovered during the inspection in a timely manner.


Work diligently to protect hydrogen sulfide and carry out activities to avoid the release of sulfur.


Each inspection area must implement matching measures in terms of sulfur-resistant machinery and technology to maintain the security of well control technology, taking into account the sulfur content in various regions.


We can utilize the drilling and well control simulator to perform simulation training among the personnel beforehand to increase the safety control in the drilling and well control operation. We provide drill rig installation simulators, top drive simulators, cyberchair drilling simulators, drilling simulation training systems, portable drilling well control simulators, and more. It is quite capable of simulating actual on-site equipment, panel designs, operational procedures, etc. People can experience a sense of immersion and realism by using it to create visual effects that are identical to the scenario and realistic sound effects using live equipment. Several simulation systems can give training in a variety of operations, including drilling, well control, spotting equipment faults, and addressing difficult scenarios including drilling accidents.