How to Choose the Best Sandblasting Equipment?

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Invest in a sandblast cabinet. Consider how to choose one for your facility.

Keep several considerations in mind when you choose sandblasting equipment. Knowing what to look for before exploring your options will make it easier to determine which models or units are ideal. Read on for purchasing guidelines and advice. 

Start with Your Budget

How much of your funds do you want to put into a sand blast cabinet? Some companies hesitate when they invest a considerable chunk of their capital in equipment since that asset isn’t liquid. That’s also why it’s incredibly vital to get this purchase right. You may want to consider mid-range to low-cost options to save on costs. With enough research, finding high-quality sandblasting equipment that works for your needs is possible. 

Look for Quality Options

It may be tempting to choose the cheapest machine you can find. But that may backfire on you when the equipment breaks down much too soon. If there is barely any time between repairs, you are only throwing money out the window. Don’t put yourself in that situation. Consider quality options that will last for years. They may cost a little more, but they give you the best value for your money. 

Consider the Sandblasting Media

The type of sandblasting equipment you choose will depend on the material you work with. What do you need to sandblast? That will determine your choice of abrasives or sandblasting media. Some of the most common types of this media include coal slag, garnet, crushed glass, soda, steel grit, and more. Some also use soft abrasives for cleaning dirt, grease, oil, and more. 

Look at the Size 

How much space do you have in your facility? Also, the more sizable the blast pot, the faster you can get results. So, if you need to sandblast for 30 minutes, you need a blast pot of about six cubic feet, at the very least. You adjust those numbers depending on whether you need more or less time. That will also help you figure out which size is ideal when you shop for sandblasting cabinets. 

Consider Reputation 

Don’t forget to buy from a trustworthy supplier. Research the company. Are there any adverse claims or poor feedback that come up? Has the company gotten in trouble with the authorities or the law before? Have they ever been suspended? You’ll want to know that you’re buying from a supplier you can trust to deliver the best equipment possible. Reading feedback and background information about the company will help you decide which option best suits your needs, operations, plans, and budget. 

Think About Expansion 

If you are thinking about expanding your operations, you may want to explore buying a bigger machine. However, if that expansion plan won’t happen immediately, scale back down to a more reasonable size. You can continually expand with another machine later instead of trying to buy a bigger one when you don’t use all its features or functions straight away. Besides, you will have better options when you expand your operations later since equipment and technologies don’t stop improving.