Roof and Floor Drainage Systems by Metabronze 

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Being a trustworthy name in roof and Floor Drainage System, Metabronze has been operating in New Zealand for more than 50 years.

Being a trustworthy name in roof and Floor Drainage System, Metabronze has been operating in New Zealand for more than 50 years. You can always expect innovative solutions, high-quality products as well as a specialised approach. The team behind Metabronze has extended their range of quality drains that fit various different building styles and surface construction materials. They are trusted by everyone, including: 

  • Architects 
  • Engineers 
  • Builders  
  • Plumbers 
  • Facilities Managers  
  • End Users  

The residential and commercial plumbing market is now supplied with more than 500 specialised products thanks to Metabronze. You can rest assured that products have been designed in-house for New Zealand and Australian conditions using top-notch quality materials. They include bronze, brass, stainless steel, cast iron, and aluminium that ensure a long life for drains. It also helps to minimize users’ expenses. Nowadays, you can see their drains in many types of environments such as Airports, Supermarkets, Laboratories, historic dwellings, Government Buildings, multi-level Apartments Hotels, Correctional and Health Facilities, as well as more commonly sighted areas such as paved public landscaped areas, residential roofs, retail car parks and industrial driveways.  

Metabronze is a market leader in Drainage and Surface Water Control Systems and this team believes that each customer deserves to get the best services. They believe that Floor Drainage System will stand the test of time, suit your applications and fulfill all your expectations. When something goes wrong with your drains, just let Metabronze help you and you won’t regret it. Their products are of the highest quality, thus rest easy knowing their drainage products are trusted to be dependable in virtually any application. 

Selecting Stainless Steel Drains is just a click away. However, having the right knowledge of the maximum amount of water that the drain will be exposed to is really important. The flow of water for most indoor uses can be anticipated. Outdoor drains have the added complexities of the maximum rainfall anticipated for the area, size of gutter and down piping, as well as the slope and strength of affected surfaces. Your engineer has the knowledge to give you exact information about your drain capacity. In order to assist you in choosing Stainless Steel Drains and the number of drains needed for that area, the experts have tested the water flow rates for a range of their SPS roof and floor drains. They have used dedicated Flow Rate testing equipment to complete the testing while the results have been certified using recognised AHSCA Gutter Outlet Testing procedures.  

Metabronze also values the feedback from previous customers who indicate that all the selected products are chosen for their excellent performance, visually pleasing looks, and easy installation. Clients’ feedback helps this company improve their services and offer even better products. What’s more, their products are also well priced for their unique purpose. Trust Metabronze, invest in their drain products and you will always enjoy their unparalleled quality. Hurry up! You won’t regret it!