Self-Published Book Marketing Strategies

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Self-publishing your work means more opportunity in many cases but also more responsibility. You'll need to find an editor and cover designer and arrange for book publicity. Some authors try to handle it DIY but hiring a publicist is almost always preferable if your budget allows it. You need your book in the hands of target media to earn exposure, and book PR firms have those contacts. Even if you have the time to assemble a media contact list, you'd be building the relationships from scratch. Sending out well-crafted press materials is also essential. Your publicist can help with press releases and bios.

The internet presents many worthy book marketing opportunities, but they pay off more when you know what you're doing. You can spark some book sales with your posts if you're a natural extrovert and social media star. It can sound more straightforward than it is, depending on the size of your following and your ability to connect with them. Some people are natural at it, while many more find it challenging. Compelling posts are helpful or entertaining – or both. Mentions of your book need to be gentle because the hard sell rarely works. You'll see more sales and results when you work it in creatively.

A website needs to be at the center of your book marketing program. It's a referral point for other parts of your campaign, notably prospective readers (and book buyers) and the media. You're launching an author's website, but it needs to showcase your book(s). Each one should have a page, and there also needs to be a bio and your headshot as you earn media coverage and post links to it on your website and social media. Fans and followers are impressed, and the media will want to cover you after seeing what others have done. It's common to begin locally and expand to regional and later national coverage.

Don't overlook the potential of launching a blog and podcasts. The information on your website can be more permanent, while the blog and podcasts are more topical. You'll post to them more often and on a wide range of topics connected to your writing and book. You can guest post on other blogs and appear on podcasts besides your own as part of your outreach. Pay attention to audiences because you want to reach your target readers. If you have several target groups, plan your marketing program to reach each one with content they'll appreciate. It may vary from group to group.