It takes them 5 months to have put an update that adds

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It takes them 5 months to have put an update that adds

Yeah. Also despite the fully unjustifiable bonuses EA does appear to actually care about their workers unlike Activision-Blizzard who barely pay their workers. It is either 8 or 10 months to create it. I know they work like nonstop to make it take time off then get right back to it. I concur, in my mind they receive zero credit for putting back stuff they took out themselves. The franchise mode is worse than it was two generations ago and they behave like putting back attributes they used to have is a great sacrifice on their part to appease a fan base that will never be  happy. I didn't maintain what was going on. Eventually I got 19 because it came out for PC and I fucking wut confronted at its franchise style. Lmao these are items I'd expect to be added at the moment, you are telling me I would have to wait till November for them? I guess it complies with their planned release for the next gen madden; but pitiful to do this to present gen buyers.

It takes them 5 months to have put an update that adds player background to their stats display. Let's just say for a minute that the actual devs at EA are not poor, but the higher ups and executives are. How small funds should they have, or ungodly broken is your code that it takes this longterm? It makes you think. That is what disturbs me. If it takes them FIVE weeks to add the smallest of features, zero chance Madden 22 is gonna have anything large of an upgrade to franchise either. It's gont require them 5 years to have an actual big change into franchise. Eh, they built Yard in a year. Plus in addition they have fleshed out Face of the Franchise or whatever the shit is known as over like 3 years. I think that they can at least re-build franchise then add on in enormous doses during the subsequent 3 years.

I think the foundation of Madden is basically broken. They have had to start from scratch the previous 2 console production bumps (PS2/XB-PS3/360-PS4/X1) since the hardware structure changed dramatically each time and they just haven't been able to catch up since the annual release cycle means that they obviously do not have the opportunity to work out the underlying issues. Also I am not holding out any hope for another gen. PS5/Series X are just more powerful versions of this PS4 Guru and 1X, they have got the exact same CPU architecture so that it'll be the same broken game but with perhaps some better visuals. , especially when it comes to physics. Long story short, my understanding is Frostbite is great for FPS (which is what it was intended for) but has been just terrible for athletics or anything apart from FPS.

On the one hand, I get it, it does help streamline development and will save costs in the long run. I wonder whether the issue is actually the engine, or the legacy code that has been ported across multiple engines. A sports game built on Frostbite in the start would have to be greater. Here is an article that talks about general problems with Frostbite from various EA studios that are not doing FPS, appears like a lot (of course ) got lost in translation from lookup motor to buy Madden 21 coins Frostbite to your sport matches utilizing it; and while visuals improved, physics got much worse.