I Discovered It Was Just A Graphically Impressive

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Upping slayer to 120 even with OSRS gold what is there today still feels bland and lacking in material. Dead content construction and watertodt, very nice really lul.

OSRS's community is drastically different from RS3

Actually, the construction contracts are really well received and I can see them having a fair amount of player interaction. OSRS's community is drastically different from RS3 because gp really means something to the majority of players in OSRS and efficacy means less. Right now, there are a fair amount of level 90+ gamers just starting to actually train construction since the skill itself is becoming cheaper and more interesting than sitting at a home, independently, and ruining furniture all day.

Building contracts are great until you realise it's 4 times slower than regular construction and rather than rebuilding and destroying things in your own house you're doing the same thing but in somebody else's house. Except mh isn't low effort/afk whatsoever and you're able to make the cash back by doing something much more entertaining in the 3h that you save by doing routine cons lmao.

Just how much buy old school rs gold gp/hour must you be in a position to create before MH is more inefficient that conventional construction? You don't seem to comprehend that the OSRS community. There's a massive group of people that will go into an agility obstacle course of death and get shot down by statues 2000 times, attaining exp rates only slightly above 10k/hr since it is more engaging and more fun than running laps on the exact same course over and over again.