Purpose of Biological Safety Cabinets in a lab

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A vented enclosure known as the biological safety cabinet protects people, and the environment from aerosols created when some potentially dangerous microorganisms are handled. A HEPA filter allows continuous airflow to be released in the atmosphere.

Personal defense against dangerous substances within the cabinet To prevent sample contamination, use product protection.

Environmental protection from the Biological Safety Cabinets internal pollutants.

Based on its ability to confine biological agents when handling them, biological safety cabinets are divided.

When working with biological agents that offer a minimum danger or harm to laboratory staff and the environment, biosafety level is used. Without the use of some containment tools, work with the kinds of agents is often done in open lab cabinets.

Working with harmful organisms that provide a moderate risk is covered under the biosafety level. When working with native or exotic agents that have the potential to transmit serious or fatal diseases through aerosols, biosafety Level is the standard.


When working with severely hazardous, infectious, and life-threatening chemicals, use Biosafety Levels. At all times, a high level of containment and a better safety is needed. When handling chemicals and powders safely, the biological safety cabinet protects both people and the environment.

As air enters the cabinet through the front aperture, a built-in exhaust fan, HEPA filter, and/or carbon filter shield the user and the environment. The air then exits the cabinet at the back of the work surface. Therefore, any airborne particulates created inside the cabinet are prevented from escaping by the airflow through the front aperture and the filtration of the excluded air. The HEPA filter in the cabinet safeguards the environment by filtering the air before it is exiled. Research materials that are susceptible to airborne contamination should not be handled in a Class Safety Cabinet because the unfiltered air flow from the lab can introduce microorganisms into the cabinet.

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