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Employment Law Specialists UK - Valemus Law’s pragmatic approach to employment law advice ensures you are fully equipped to deal with any potential liability. Our employment solicitors in London can explain employment law in a friendly and easy-to-understand manner.


A company’s employees are its main asset but can also represent the greatest source of potential liabilities. Valemus Law’s employment solicitors’ pragmatic approach to employment law advice ensures you are equipped to deal with any potential liability.

Backed by extensive expertise gained from specialist employment law practices, our employment law solicitors in London are able to explain employment law in clear and easy to understand terms, advising you as to your rights and guiding you as to the best way forward for you and your company. We also benefit from having an Employment Law judge on our team. We recognise that each employee matters and each business case is unique therefore each response needs to be tailored to your specific needs.

As Employment Law Specialists in UK, at Valemus we offer advice on both contentious (i.e., defending unfair dismissal and discrimination claims) and non-contentious areas of employment law (such as drafting contracts of employment and advising on redundancy and restructuring). All our solicitors at Valemus are Partner Consultants meaning that, unlike a majority of employment solicitors in London and the UK, they have the flexibility to work where they choose and can determine the level of work, they take on. This means that they can dedicate more time to you as their client and provide you with greater flexibility in terms of when and where meetings can take place (i.e., in our offices around the country; online via Zoom or Teams or on the telephone) leaving you to focus on the most important thing – keeping your business running.

Non-contentious employment law advice

It’s easy to ignore the need to get independent legal advice as an employer, until a crisis hits your business or company in the form of a claim by an employee or past employee; maybe for an unfair dismissal claim or a claim in relation to maternity/paternity leave. At Valemus we understand the importance of getting advice from an employment law specialist from the outset when you’re setting up your business or company. However, even if your business is well established and you’ve faced no employment issues to date, if your employment contracts aren’t drafted properly, or if you don’t have proper disciplinary procedures in place, you could still find yourself at the receiving end of expensive and protracted legal proceedings, which could end up in the employment tribunal.

Contracts of Employment Grievance Disciplinary Procedures

Preparing any form of contract can be a daunting task, and a contract of employment is no exception. As someone who is either a business owner or maybe employed in the position of Human Resources and tasked with preparing employment contracts there are various legal requirements that need to be met. Whilst it can be tempting to look for an online template to save time and money, our employment solicitors are well aware that these can be littered with potential pitfalls.

The legal requirements of an employment contract mean that it must include basic information such as your and your employee’s details; a job title and description; how much they’re going to be paid; how many hours they’re going to work; holiday entitlement; sickness and maternity/paternity leave and any other benefits to name a few. However, you are also legally required to provide information about pensions and grievance and disciplinary procedures.

Redundancy and Restructuring

Sometimes it’s necessary to review your businesses practices and to make changes to streamline them. Or perhaps your business is starting to branch into a slightly different direction or you’re planning to merge with another business making restructuring necessary. For your employees this can be a worrying time; there will be concerns as to whether there will still be a role for them and, if this is the case, whether this will involve relocation.

Our Employment Law Specialists in UK are well aware that, in these circumstances, you need to tread really carefully as a business, as a wrong move could result in one or more of your employees bringing an unfair dismissal claim against you.

A redundancy situation typically arises when restructuring your company leads to an employee’s role being obsolete. You may also have a situation where, whilst the role still exists, it will need to be in a different location, maybe due to merging with another business. If the latter is the case, you might want to offer your employee/s either the chance to continue that job (for which changes will be needed to their contracts) or maybe, a redundancy package. Redundancies can also arise on many business reorganisations.

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