The y phone for kids

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Smartphones are small, mobile and leave the home a lot, which makes it easy for them to end up in the hands of other people. This can lead to sensitive information, like home addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and private photos ending up the y phone somewhere they shouldn't.

I'm not suggesting that people ban their kids from smartphones, but here are a few tips to help your kids be smart with their smartphones:


Lead by Example: Young people learn their values from their parents, often subconsciously. If you text when you're driving, your kids will subconsciously register that this is OK. Show your children sensible smartphone usage by your own behavior.

Talk: We all know that prevention better than cure, so talk with your child about all the potential situations before they arise. As with all new experiences, set some ground rules for use of their Smartphone. Give your child the tools to make the right choices and keep the channels of communication open should they need your help.

Keep a watchful eye on your bills: A careful look at your bills will soon tell you at what time of day (or night) your child is using the phone. Is it in line with the ground rules you agreed?