The movie surprises you with the level of brutality that is prevalent all about. Of course, the direction is stark and dark, and what plays a greater role in the movie is the background orphan 2 cast music, which has the correct tempo and thump that'd be required by a horror/slasher genre movie.

What interested me is the unwavering synopsis of the child's mind that is shown all through the movie, right from where Esther manipulates the little girl, to where the boy tries to find out whether the girl that has come into the house is actually as evil as he thinks that she really is.

Another important aspect that works in making this movie an intelligent one is the reason that Esther goes through all the trouble to kill a nun, to hurt the small girl and to threaten the little kid with a knife - the husband. It is only logical that a grown woman who has lived as a teenager for different reasons would not find it very difficult to get love and affection, and yes, even basic physical intercourse.

The final clink in the movie may seem to be quite unreal to many people, but as a avid follower of crime and punishment, the reviewer would like to inform that the movie is in fact based on a true story, where a thirty year old woman actually lived as a teenager with many houses, finally disappearing into nothing one fine day.