The movie speaks about a couple that has recently lost their third child, because of which the mother goes into a kind of depression, which makes her prone to drinking and she even loses her job back at Yale. After a while, the couple decide to adopt a child, so that they do not miss their unborn orphan movie 2 child as much as they actually are. This brings into their life Esther, singularly the most sick character ever that has come into mainstream media, and more so when she does hasn't been 'taken by a ghost', or has 'bad things been done to her'.

Esther is bad news since the very beginning, though everyone puts her quirky behavior to what she has 'gone through' as a child and the basic fact that she is from Russia. However, things take a bad turn when the orphanage from where she has been adopted start to smell a rat about sending a girl they do not know anything about to a house that is essentially a happy, complete household.