Ruijie Network is listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange

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Leading the trend and laying a solid foundation for the digital economy

With the rapid development of the new generation of information technology, digital economy has become the core engine of global economic growth. As a leader in ICT and cloud computing infrastructure, Ruijie Network deeply explores network equipment, network security, and cloud desktop business, helps implement the "new infrastructure" strategy, and injects new vitality into the development of the digital economy.

Since its establishment 20 years ago, Ruijie Network has always maintained a steady growth trend and its revenue scale has been expanding. From 2019 to 2021, the compound growth rate of operating revenue will reach 32.68%. In the first half of 2022, the operating revenue increased by 34.19% compared with the same period in 2021. Ruijie has consistently ranked among the top three in the network equipment and cloud desktop business markets.

In the field of network equipment, Ruijie Network has achieved rapid growth for many years. From 2019 to 2021, the compound growth rate of network equipment revenue will reach 33.4%, much higher than the industry average growth rate of 9.8% (data source: IDC). Ruijie Network has always been in a leading position in the innovation and upgrading of the data center network. In the past three years, the compound growth rate in the data center switch market has reached 55.8%, far higher than the industry average growth rate of 15.6% (data source: IDC). In addition, Ruijie Network deeply studies wireless network user scenarios, solves application problems in complex scenarios, helps customers achieve business innovation, and gains market leadership. IDC data shows that Ruijie Network will rank first in China's enterprise WLAN market shipments in 2021.

In the field of network security, Ruijie Network, as a pioneer and practitioner of "network+security", helps users move towards a more secure network architecture. The network security products of Ruijie Network serve more than 10000 customers in the government, finance, education and other industries.

In the field of cloud desktop, Ruijie Network is one of the first manufacturers to carry out cloud desktop related technology research and scheme design, and is the first to launch a full scene integrated cloud desktop solution. IDC data shows that from 2015 to 2020, Ruijie Network ranked first in China's enterprise terminal VDI market share for six consecutive years, and ranked first in China's local computing IDV cloud desktop market share in 2021.

In the wave of digital economy, under the guidance of new infrastructure strategy, Ruijie Network, with its keen insight into customer needs, accurate insight into industry trends, strong RD capabilities and profound technology accumulation, has continuously developed targeted innovative product solutions to help customers in various industries meet the growing demand for information and digital construction.