IGVault Tips to Choose Your Role in League of Legends

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There are currently 5 roles in League of Legends, each with their own responsibilities. Each role makes up an important part of the team. If 1 person doesn’t fully understand what

League of Legends is one of the most popular MOBA games in the world with thousands of new players joining on the fun every day. The game continues to grow and entice a lot of aspiring players to play with their friends on Summoner’s Rift. However, the first step towards learning how to become a dedicated LoL player is to establish League of Legends roles. Choose which role what you want to play by discovering what each of the different lanes offer in terms of playstyle, champion types, and skill-level. First of all, you should have a lol account, you can Buy LoL Account from online store.

What Are The League of Legends Roles

There are currently 5 roles in League of Legends, each with their own responsibilities. Each role makes up an important part of the team. If 1 person doesn’t fully understand what to do, then they can jeopardize losing the match.

To make sure you understand what you’re supposed to be doing in your chosen role, we’ve explained it as simple as possible for you.

Top Laner

We can see Top Laners tend to be players who are really aggressive, strong, and assertive. These players know how to solo in their lane, and know when to TP to help teammates or to take objectives.

Top laners’ attitude will affect the rest of the game. Not saying that other lanes do not have effects. However, if you win your lane as a top laner; you do not only have the advantage of objectives for your team but also pressure the other team’s top lane.


Perhaps the most difficult role and concept to understand. The jungler does not enter any of the designated lanes; his role is to roam around the whole map, killing neutral monsters to earn gold for better equipment and look for opportunities to “gank” – assist an ally champion by ambushing their opposite number.

Beginner’s pick:

Master Yi. Master Yi is a champion that deals tonnes of damage, and is relatively simple to control. His signature move Alpha Strike (Q) teleports him a short distance to a target enemy and does damage to enemies in the area. The best part is, during the teleport, he is untargetable and automatically dodges all enemy abilities.

The AD Carry

The AD Carry has a simple role but is one of the most vulnerable roles in the game. This role is usually the one that dies a lot since everyone from the enemy team will try to kill you as often as possible due to the fact that you deal the highest amount of damage during later stages of the game. This role will have the most crucial part during teamfights because majority of the damage will oftentimes come from them.

The Jungle Overview

Lane: Dragon Lane

Learning Difficulty: Hard

Responsibilities: Main Damage Source, Staying Alive

Champion Types: Marksmen

Players to Watch: Uzi, Doublelift, Rekkles, Ruler, Jackeylove

AD Carry Responsibilities

To oversimplify what an ADC’s role is: It’s basically to survive and deal damage. That might seem easy but ADC’s have the hardest life in League of Legends because they’re in constant threat of being killed. So much so that ADCs are almost never left alone by themselves. To become an effective ADC, one must learn proper strategies like positioning and effective auto-attacking.

ADC Champions

AD Carries usually just use only one champion type – Marksmen. There are exceptions but those require advanced team compositions for more experienced players. Marksmen scale very well in terms of damage which is why they are valued in the bottom lane.

Mid Laner

These characters are playing a role similar to Top Laners - handling anything that might happen on the lane. It is usually held by Assassins and APC. The first champions specialize in killing high-value targets. The main goal of Assassin is to catch the best moment to reach its victim. They act like real hunters. Mid laners in general combine basics of each role in LoL. They are also the only players besides Jungler who can influence different parts of the map.


The support on your team will primarily be in the same lane as your marksman / ADC. Their role in the lane will be to help protect, sustain and support the ADC. This means sacrificing their life, hitpoints and gold to ensure the ADC stays alive as long as possible, and gets the most kills.

Most support champions will be fully equipped with crowd control effects such as stuns, slows, snares, silences and knock ups. All of these are to be used against the enemy to ensure your ADC can secure a kill.

Another important part of the support role is providing vision for your team. Everyone hates spending money on wards, but you need them if you want to win.

In this guide we covered popular roles in League of Legends, including the role you want to main! Whether it’s Top, Jungle, Mid, Bot, or Support, you can queue up for your next game on the rift, confident that you understand the core concepts behind your role. There is still a long way ahead of you towards competitive play, get into LoL account and enjoy the game. You can buy lol account from igvault or Sell League of Legends Account to turn a profit.