cameron smith the open scorecard

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It is wise to draw up a steady practice schedule. You should realize that practicing more and playing less will garner you more positive results in terms of scores. The more you practice the more cameron smith the open techniques and muscle recollection you will hone and indirectly help you to be a good golf player.

- You should practice twice more often than you play. For example, if you play one hour of golf, you should take the initiative to practice double the time. You need not do all this in the same 24 hours. You are recommended to alternate your practice days and golfing days in order not to overexert yourself.

- Don't stop learning about the game. If you want to be a good golf player, you should realize that merely knowing how to play is not enough. Do take note that you can learn something handy so why not sign up for a class or train yourself with a better player? Do this yearly and if you keep at your endeavors, as well as your desire to improve your golfing skills, you will definitely be a good golf player, better than the previous year.