Places in history to visit

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During the heat of the Civil War in 1862, Union Commander Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside's forces swept across North Carolina with little resistance. The final bastion of confederate strength places in history resided with Fort Macon, a brick and stone vault erected on the Bogue Banks, housing 400 soldiers who refused to surrender. Fort Macon did not fall until union forces bombarded it with heavy siege guns for 11 hours from offshore gunboats.

Today, this history can be vividly imagined as you walk beside Fort Macon's restored walls, still standing proudly along the Atlantic Beach Coast. The setting has changed some, as the gunboat artillery blasts have been replaced by children laughing and families picnicking on the pristine surf. Today, Fort Macon State Park is the most popular tourist destinations in North Carolina, bringing in near to 1.3 million visitors per year. The area possesses a multitude of activities for families and couples, from relaxing on the beach, exploring the history, to taking in the undisturbed natural beauty of Atlantic Beach. Fort Macon Park offers visitors both sound side and surf fishing, nature trails, ranger guided tours, a protected swim area, and a refreshment stand- all with no fees.