Dakimakura, the origin and the health care benefits

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The body pillow cover is made of peach skin velvet or 2way tricot or tribute silk material. The pattern is customizable and will not fall off. MOQ: 5 pieces, can be different designs.


The dakimakura is the most advanced and stylish version of the body pillows. Yes, the inspiration for making these types of body pillows came from a Japanese pillow supplier after seeing the popularity of some of the super games among the public. There was a craze for some of the top games and their fictional characters among everyone in the urban communities, from the elderly to the young. So, the supplier decided to make the pillow covers accordingly in different vibrant colors, images, and suitable sizes that would make it easier for these pillows to be called Dakimakuras.

Origin of Printed Pillows with covers

There was a great response among the female buyers and the youngsters initially, who are fond of these cartoon characters. The dakimakuras with some of the special images of the super game stars were sold in the market like hot loaves of bread. This became the inspiration for the manufacturers of modern-day dakimakuras. Instead of pillow covers, they made the whole pillow with good lining material, fillers, and printed exterior on the front end. Then people wanted dual textures on either side of the pillows.

They liked how one side was always at the bottom and the other was soft and tender, where they could rest their heads while sleeping. However, some customers preferred to get the prints on either side of the dakimakuras too. Today, this is one of the most interesting bedroom accessories for people all over the world. Dakimakuras are unavoidable for visitors to Japan and Thailand.

Images of Game heroes

When it comes to the visual appeal of the custom body pillow that you choose to order from the leading suppliers, you have the option of selecting the prints as well. You have the option of selecting both the color and the print. So it is part of your creativity that is going to result in the delivery that you are going to receive. So, before you order anything online, think about how you want your custom body pillow to look. You can get ideas from family members about what logos, designs, cartoons, images, and photos they would like to see on the various types of custom body pillows that you order if you talk to them. 

How many to order and for what?

Three pillows per person in the family will not be sufficient. If a set of three is put in for washing or dry cleaning, then another set of three has to be readily available for their use. Remember that this is something you use on a daily basis. If one day it is sent for cleaning to the laundry, then until it comes back, you cannot use the other pillows. This is a valid reason for you to buy at least a dozen for one person. In this manner, you avoid the risk of infecting others with your pillow.

For example, if the baby in the family uses the pillow of an elderly person with some medical condition, that is going to be detrimental to the health of the baby.

The corollary and converse are also true. If a family member, who travels a lot, uses a pillow by accident, and you send this pillow to an elderly person's room, the elderly person may become infected immediately.

Safeguard the users

So never take chances with the health of your beloved family members. Protect them and safeguard them from allergies and infections, especially because of the many contagious diseases that we have seen in the recent past. Beware of that, and isolate the elders and family kids from the other pillows that the adults are using. To have this liberty in your family, you need to have an ample number of pillows. The only solution for that is to look at the online gallery here, where you can order body-shaped custom pillows.

Special gifts for game lovers

This is where you will find a variety of options suitable for your family members and even something to gift your friends if you so desire. When everyone needs different models, different designs and sizes according to their own will and desire, it is always best to make your orders clear, so that the suppliers understand what to send in the delivery. So that there will be no confusion and it will be a win-win situation for both the supplier, who gets a decent order, and you, who get the right quality pillows with durability guarantee.

Medicinal benefits of using body pillows

The number of cases reported at the National Medical Center for obstructive sleep apnea is only increasing every year. What are the underlying reasons for people suffering from obstructive sleep apnea? Physiology? There are numerous reasons given by the researchers, but sleeping conditions can improve sleep, according to the researchers. This sleep-related breathing disorder affects the upper airway and makes it difficult for a person to sleep peacefully. We will do help them with elevated body pillows. The procedures are quite different according to the individual's condition, so providing him with a better pillow can make him feel more comfortable.

Elevated head rest

The best option is to give you the right sizes of body pillows. Even though there are numerous reasons for attributing sleep-related problems such as insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea to other factors, you can beat the condition faster if you follow a healthy diet and lifestyle. Try using the taller and elevated head rests. In that case, the best support for you will be the best custom body pillows that you are going to use. To identify the right dimensions that you will require for the upward air pressure to be normal and to make it easier for you to breathe normally, consult with the physician and order the best custom pillows.


The tailor-made Dakimakuras may not be suitable for you in this case of medical conditions. This will be critical for your future health prospects if you want to improve your mood and sleep better. So, based on your needs, you can make a note to the pillow supplier, and they will provide you with exactly what you need in precise dimensions and print, as well as super colors.