Proven Ways To Earn Gold In The Elder Scrolls Online For Beginning Players

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At a fence in the Outlaw's Refuge, you can sell stolen objects. At first, a small number of items are to be removed each day, but only green, blue, or purple items can be preserved

When it comes to the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), the question most often asked on Reddit and other ESO forums by new players and even some seasoned ones is “how to make Elder Scrolls Online Gold in ESO”. In 2021, ESO is still worth playing. Here in this ESO gold farming guide, we will offer you a collection of tips to make gold in Elder Scrolls Online. One important thing to keep in mind is that making gold takes time and effort.


Crafting Writs are a series of simple quests that you can complete to get some valuable rewards. To get started you have to be certified first. To get Crafting Writs Certification you have to approach a Writs Board or skip that step and go directly to proper trainer, who will give you a short and easy quest. For the equipment Crafting Writs (blacksmithing, clothing and woodworking) you have to visit the trainer in the Fighter's Guild, if you're interested in consumables Crafting Writs (alchemy, enchanting and provisioning) look for the trainer in the Mage's Guild.

When you're done with that, you will get access to the daily quests. For blacksmithing, clothing and woodworking you just will have to craft some items at the crafting stations. In cases of alchemy and provisioning, if you want to save some time you can precraft all the possible potions, poisons and food.

As I already mentioned, rewards for these quests are quite good and you should be able to complete them with no problems. At the same time, ingredients are cheap and easy to get. You are guaranteed to get some of those precious mats, the inspiration experience that you can use to level up your crafting skills and survey reports that will help you find better nodes to extract materials from.

For personal ease of mind, you should choose a go-to city where you will always travel when it's time to complete your daily crafting writs. You want a city where writ boards and crafting stations are arranged closely together. The best three are Vivec City, Rawl'kha, and Stormhold. Additionally, if you feel like manually completing writs in ESO is too monotonous, download the Lazy Writ Crafter addon for a GUI button that automatically crafts your writ items for you.

Furniture crafting is also notable for how much money you can make. Yellow, purple, blue, and even green furniture pieces can sell for thousands or tens of thousands of gold per unit. Naturally, the art of fashioning high-value furniture calls for a more sophisticated composition of skills than the average crafter would ever need. If you're the type of ESO player who already allocates time and skill points into each of their primary crafting passives, you may want to consider entering the furniture trade.

You still need to loot, steal, or buy recipes for each type of furniture, food and/or beverage you want to construct, but with a constant stream of materials, you can pump out items and keep your volume high. Once again, you'll want to fill each of your five guild slots with trading guilds so you can post up to 150 listings at once.

Flipping Goods

The player economy in Elder Scrolls Online is where the real gold can be made. Unfortunately, ESO makes it more difficult than other MMORPGs with their complete lack of a centralized marketplace. Rather, player-to-player trading occurs within guilds. Each member of a guild can post up to 30 listings of individual items or stacks of items in their Guild Store, which is only accessible to other guild members. If a Guild wants to sell their items to Skyrim at large, they have to invest in a Guild Trader – an NPC that any player can approach and buy the Guild's items from.

If your guild has a Guild Trader, they are bound to a specific location and can only sell items from the guild that's renting them. Unfortunately, this means that ESO's player market is incredibly chaotic and filled with inconsistent prices. This doesn't mean its impossible to make a good living in the player market, it just means you need a solid strategy.

The first step is to seek out Guilds who already have a dedicated Trader. Ideally, you should find yourself 5 Guilds that operate in distinct parts of Skyrim to fill your Guild Slots. You'll start noticing that some Guild Traders have larger inventories than others, and that's because renting a Guild Trader is based on a blind bid system. Wealthier Guilds can afford the risk of bidding higher stacks of gold to rent the Traders that get the most traffic and thus make more capital. You'll want to get into the most prestigious Guilds that you can for this method to work.

Next, go shopping: find items that other players have listed for below their average global value (there are addons for this part, we'll get to those). Buy them and resell them with a markup in your Guild Store. DO NOT flip items inside of your own Guilds; many trading Guilds are run by money-minded people who will not take kindly to you messing around with their inventory.


Stealing for gold is a creative way for ESO gold farming that is very enjoyable and special. In short, a simple way to manufacture low-level ESO gold.

At a fence in the Outlaw's Refuge, you can sell stolen objects. At first, a small number of items are to be removed each day, but only green, blue, or purple items can be preserved. Popular products don't sell as much as they do. Here are some lovely places to steal: Windhelm – several pickpocket drunks, ships in various cities, the City of Vivec for House Motifs, the paintings from Vvardenfell.


Agreed that this method is risky and complicated but sometimes profitable.

This is one of the enormous gold makers in ESO. It can be pretty complicated, though. You can buy undervalued goods and sell them for more when you have some hundred thousand gold to invest. Then you have to get to know the prices for different products.

To apply this method, you have learned selling and buying at Master Merchant or Tamriel Trade Center.

Mob Farming In the Public Dungeons

Another great spot for ESO gold farming is the Public Dungeons. The ESO public dungeons are like no other hunting ground with deadly and highly profitable encounters. They have much shorter mob respawn timers and clustered mob spawning. Thus, taking out the enemy clusters in these dungeons will have you more loots and gold for every minute. The public dungeons with Imperial mobs drop higher gold.

This is a list of the Imperial Mob public dungeons:

Crimson Cove or Malabal Tor

Bang'korai or Razak's Wheel

The Vile Manse or Reaper's March

AOE damage skills are mandatory for managing public dungeon farming.

You can use the following destruction bow and staff weapons for managing damage:

Volley– For launching arrows till 8 seconds at any target

Elemental Storm– For storming at any target till 2 seconds and damaging every enemy for 7 seconds

Wall of Elements– For creating a caster zone for 6 seconds for dealing ailments and long damage

Impulse– For instant damaging in 6m radius

Plenty of skills from Dragonknights, Sorcerers, Wardens, and Templars come in handy for AOE. Following are some skills:

Blazing Spear by Templar– Showering of divine damage

Impaling Shards by Warden– Summoning of ice shards

Lightning Splash by Sorcerer– Creation of a storm

Fiery Breath by Dragonknight– Breathing of a fire cone for instant damage

You can use Nightblades for instant damage. The PVE Necromancer builds in the AlcastHQ are great too.

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