Guided tours of Kakadu: An unbeatable way to see the place!

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The rock art of Ubirr is some of the most famous in Australia and an important part of guided tours of Kakadu to be experienced.

Some of the most breathtaking natural views in the world can be found at Kakadu National Park. 

The Aboriginal people have lived here for thousands of years, and the park preserves their traditional way of life alongside a stunning landscape that is home to many species, including kangaroos, snakes and birds. 

To really experience Kakadu guided tours have been quite successful at it’s best, it's worth taking an escorted tour with a guide who knows where all the best bits are! 

Here are our top picks for guided tours:

Walk through ancient shelters at Nourlangie

The Nourlangie rock shelters are the oldest and largest in Kakadu, with over 50,000 years of human history. They were built by the Jawoyn people, who were nomadic hunter-gatherers who moved around to find food.

The shelters at Nourlangie have been used for more than 20 different purposes; they started out as living spaces but quickly became a place where people carved out the artwork and held ceremonies.

The artwork is impressive—there's an incredible variety of markings on the walls: paintings of animals like kangaroos and lizards; carvings depicting human figures; maps showing where certain tribes lived at certain times; even abstract designs!

Learn about Australia's best Aboriginal rock art at Ubirr

The rock art of Ubirr is some of the most famous in Australia and an important part of guided tours of Kakadu to be experienced.

It can be found on the rock faces surrounding this place, which are thousands of years old. Some anthropologists believe it was used as a form of communication between tribes, while others say it was used to record events that happened in their lives.

Guided tours of Kakadu

Cruise Yellow Water Billabong

Yellow Water Billabong is a popular spot for cruise boats, and it's easy to see why. If you want to see the park and its wildlife at its best, then this is an amazing way to get there. There are different types of cruises available:

2-hour cruises (12 pm or 1 pm)

4-hour sails (12 pm and 2 pm)

6-hour overnight trips with dinner included

Trek for a swim at Motor Car Falls

You'll need to hike from the Gap or Barramundi Gorge campgrounds to access Motor Car Falls. You can set up camp along the trail leading there for a great experience of being immersed in a remote wilderness without suffering through any mud or bugs! 

The trail is about six kilometres long and can be done on foot or by horseback.

If you do want to go swimming at Motor Car Falls, make sure that you bring plenty of sunscreen and water because it gets scorching out there!

Take a scenic flight over the waterfalls

Scenic flights are a fun way to see the park. They're one of the most popular ways to enjoy Kakadu, and with good reason—you can get an unbeatable view of some amazing sights!


Whether you're a solo traveller or part of a group, Kakadu is a unique place to experience. Whatever your interests may be, there are plenty of ways to get up close to nature here.

From the spectacular waterfalls to ancient rock art sites, there's something for everyone in the world-famous national park. Even if guided tours of Kakadu still needs to be added in your bucket list (and it should be), we hope it will be one day soon!

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