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Changes in the regulatory landscape.      

While expanding the cryptocurrency and digital asset markets has created numerous opportunities, it has also brought with it several new risks. In response to these risks, the regulation of financial crime is changing. The new rules are intended to prevent the use of these markets for money laundering and terrorist financing. A new webinar from Retinitis examines the key issues surrounding the use of cryptocurrency and digital assets.

As the digital revolution advances at breakneck speed, cryptocurrencies and other digital assets remain high on the global political agenda.

The impressive growth rate in this sector in recent years has created many opportunities but, as usual, has also given rise to new risks.

In this context, market participants must always remain vigilant, as identifying and managing factors of concern can prevent adverse cascading effects that affect the entire global economy.

For this sector to have a future, all stakeholders must feel secure, with the peace of mind that they operate in regulated and resilient markets. But this still needs to be a reality.

To change this situation, global regulators have increasingly focused on this area to regulate financial crimes better and prevent crypto markets from being used for activities such as money laundering and terrorist financing.

The problem is that compliance with this new regulation is usually challenging. This is because, in addition to the somewhat fragmented regulatory approach, with regulations changing from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, the cross-border nature of cryptocurrencies makes it difficult to comply in that market.

Heading to a safer environment

Despite the risks inherent in cryptocurrency markets, it should be remembered that many tools already exist to help companies identify illicit activity.

Companies that screen carefully and have substantial anti-money laundering (AML) programs will be better prepared to avoid potential pitfalls.

In addition, regulatory developments have added new layers of security to the industry. For example, the "Rule of Travel" helps mitigate risk by helping all parties understand precisely who is on the other side of any transaction.

As the crypto asset universe evolves, Refinitiv will continue to provide the cutting-edge technology and solutions clients need to navigate this complex environment and follow an ever-evolving regulatory curve.