Applications and Features of Xinyu Enameled CCA Wire

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Applications and Features of Xinyu Enameled CCA Wire

Enameled CCA Wire refers to the wire with aluminum core wire as the main body and coated with a certain proportion of copper layer, which can be used as the conductor of coaxial cable and wire and cable conductor in electrical equipment. The proportion of aluminum wire is small, but its welding performance is not good. Therefore, the copper-clad aluminum wire can not only take advantage of the small proportion of aluminum, but also improve the welding performance.

Copper Clad Aluminum is an electrical conductor which has an outer sleeve of copper metallurgically bonded to a solid aluminum core. The combination of these two metals make it uniquely suited to many electrical applications


Compared to copper conductors:

Higher Flexibility due to lower elastic modulus

63% material weight reduction due to lower specific gravity of CCA over regular copper

Compared to aluminum conductors:

Better corrosion resistance than aluminum due to copper layer

Lower resistance due to high electric conductivity of copper

Better Solderability

Higher strength than aluminum


Monitor deflection coil. It can lower coil temperature, improve image’s stability, increase usage life.

Monitor degaussing coil. It can lower product cost

Transformer winding in induction cooker. It can reduce products weight.

Induction cooker chassis. It can reduce production cost

Sodium lamp ballast. It can reduce product weight.

Various windings of aerospace instruments. It can reduce product weight.

High-frequency transformers, general transformers;

Motor, household motors, micro motors, compressor

Enameled CCA wire is widely used in different electrical applications requiring the conductivity of copper while retaining much of the weight advantages of aluminum, If you have any need, welcome to visit XINYU is a leading manufacturer and supplier Aluminum Winding Wire