What is Influencer Marketing? How do Influencers Make Their Most Money

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Influencer marketing can be defined as social media marketing focusing on specific key individuals rather than the entire target market. The chosen individuals are called influencers.

Ever wondered how influencer marketing work and how social media influencers make money? Are you interested in becoming an influencer marketer?

There are two main types of influencer marketing:

1. Celebrity Endorsement Marketing – Where a celebrity with a large social media following promotes the brand.

2. Micro-Influencer Marketing – Where an influential person with a smaller but more engaged social media following promotes the brand, micro-influencers are more relatable than celebrities, so their endorsements are more trustworthy.

How Do Social Media Influencers Make Money? – 10 Proven Ways

1. Sponsored Posts

2. Affiliate Marketing

3. Brand Ambassadorships

4. Product Reviews

5. Sell Your Brand

6. Payments From Social Platforms

7. Paid Speaking Engagements

8. Consulting Services

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