Treat Erectile Dysfunction With Fildena Double

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The 100% effective Fildena Double is a potent solution for treating sexual impotence, or erectile dysfunction (ED), in men. The ED medicine is actively loaded with component Sildenafil Citrate 200mg.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Normal erectile function can be affected by improper blood flow, nerve supply or hormones. Erectile dysfunction can be a result of reasons like fatigue, illness or stress. It can only be analyzed when it happens frequently for a phase of more than 2 weeks. Listed below are the common causes of erectile dysfunction or impotence and factors that affect it:







Marital discord

Cardiovascular disease

Diabetes mellitus

Neurologic causes (lumbar disc, MS, CVA)


Hormonal deficiency

End organ failure

Blockage of blood vessels

Venous leak

Spinal cord injuries

Pelvic and urogenital surgery and radiation

Substance abuse







Fildena Double 200 mg tablet is a prescription drug used to treat male impotence with erectile dysfunction. The penis receives more blood as a result of your action. This makes it easier to start or maintain a male erection. It belongs to a class of drugs called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE 5) inhibitors. You can take one Fildena 200 mg double tablet with a meal or on an empty stomach.


Must be taken exactly as directed by your doctor. Take a break about an hour before you plan to have sex. The work takes a different amount of time depending on the person but often lasts between 30 minutes and an hour. If you are sexually stimulated, this medicine can help you get an erection. However, you should not take Fildena Black Viagra 200mg if you do not have erectile dysfunction.


Combination with Fildena Double containing nitrates carries some risk (common with chest pain or angina pectoris). If you have severe heart or liver problems, a recent stroke or heart attack, low blood pressure, or any of the conditions listed above, you should not use this medication.