Combination of VR technology and oil and gas simulation training

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Combination of VR technology and oil and gas simulation training

Virtual reality technology is a new practical technology developed in the 20th century.


Computer, electronic information, and simulation technology are all parts of virtual reality. With the aid of computers and other equipment, it creates a virtual world with accurate three-dimensional vision, touch, smell, and other sensory experiences. Its basic implementation method is based on computer technology. it uses and integrates the most recent advancements of various high-tech technologies, such as three-dimensional graphics, multimedia, simulation, display, and servo technology. The need for VR technology is growing steadily throughout all sectors of society because to the ongoing advancements in science, technology, and social productivity. The use of VR technology in training in the oil and gas sector is becoming more and more significant.


Esimtech uses high-reliability classic physical and mathematical models, VR technology, advanced network technology, and meticulous simulation of the actual drilling process to provide users with services like tripping, drilling, well control, equipment failure detection, drilling accidents, and complex situation handling. Esimtech manufactured various types of VR oil and gas simulator.


The entire spectrum of oil and gas production is covered by Esimtech's product line. It offers simulation training for a variety of jobs, including drilling, well control, logging, downhole operations, oil and gas collecting and transportation, fracturing and acidizing, drilling rig installation, coiled tubing, and snubbing operations. In this sector, Esimtech has produced a number of application results with entirely separate intellectual property rights. It is a high-tech firm that integrates scientific research, design, production, maintenance, sales, and computer application technology in the oil and gas industry. It has significant scientific research capabilities.