When will the Long covid brain fog dissipate?

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Covid-19 affects everyone differently, with some people recovering no differently than they were before infection, while others, perhaps affected by other illnesses, will be in very bad shape. brain fog long covid symptoms can develop during the recovery process, and this symptom is not short-term, but Long, and you don’t even know when you recover.

Four weeks after contracting Covid-19, patients who should have recovered enough to resume full-time work are still experiencing extreme fatigue that has not gone away. It comes with a loss of mental acuity, part of a suite of sometimes hard-to-identify symptoms commonly known as Covid-19 "brain fog," an umbrella term for slowed or clouded thinking. Living with these symptoms is hell on earth.

The scientists experimentally determined that in mice mildly infected with Covid-19, the virus disrupted the normal activity of several brain cell populations and left signs of inflammation. The findings, they suggest, may help explain some of the cognitive impairment experienced by survivors of Covid-19 and provide potential avenues for treatment.

She worries about the possibility of similar disruption when Covid-19 becomes a major immune-activating virus. "Soon, as reports of cognitive impairment started to emerge, it became clear that this was a very similar syndrome, with the same symptoms of attention, memory, information processing speed, executive function impairment, and clinically it looked like people Having experienced the 'fog of chemotherapy', we have been studying.

By studying the COVID-related medical research paper, How Long Will Symptoms Of Brain Fog Last After Being Infected With Covid-19?, a large number of people with Long COVID-19 dizziness symptoms were found. This article summarizes Long COVID-19 dizziness and an internal self-assessment for people experiencing these symptoms. Then, the pathogenesis of dizziness caused by Long COVID-19 was analyzed from the perspective of trace COVID-19 residues, and the treatment ideas for Western medicine treatment of dizziness after COVID-19 infection were given.

During recovery from COVID-19, many patients say they experience brain fog. According to the figures given in the research report, about 10% of patients infected with COVID-19 will develop Long symptoms of COVID-19. At present, the medical community is used to classifying the symptoms of dizziness and tinnitus caused by COVID-19 infection as Long COVID brain fog. According to statistics in the research report, up to 60% of Long COVID-19 patients have some degree of dizziness or vertigo, and up to 30% of patients have some degree of tinnitus. Dizziness, vertigo, and tinnitus, these three symptoms have a very high degree of overlap.

A large proportion of Long COVID-19 symptoms are associated with neurologic symptoms, and some medical communities have used the colloquial term "brain fog" to facilitate a consistent taxonomy and description of brain-related post-COVID-19 symptoms. Brain fog was not previously considered a medical or scientific term, but rather a colloquial description of a state in which people cannot think clearly when they have the flu or other illnesses. Ordinary people use the fog in the brain to describe the problems that occur in ordinary cognition or thinking, such as dizziness, tinnitus, inability to concentrate, memory loss, slow thinking speed, inability to think sharply without creativity, difficulty in formulating plan etc.

Due to the limitations of Western medicine in treating Long COVID-19 dizziness symptoms, LongCovidCareCenter also recommends some traditional Chinese medicine, including Chinese herbal formula and acupuncture treatment, to treat dizziness symptoms. In addition, this article also recommends that patients with Long COVID-19 dizziness take health supplements, as well as exercise, diet and sleep. Finally, we hope that the Long COVID-19 dizziness symptoms treatment plan proposed in this paper can benefit patients by improving their symptoms early, and even cure these dizziness symptoms caused by the novel coronavirus.