Get ready to shake hands with the trade

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Coinbase is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing cryptocurrency.

Change is the law of nature and when it comes to business and technology, we all know that both fields are highly dynamic. The things relating to them change almost every day. The business with the aim of reaching new heights tries to adopt some advanced tools and technologies and make changes accordingly. This law applies to every category of the business and here we are discussing it in reference to cryptocurrencies.

You might have heard that the existing Coinbase Pro is soon getting replaced by “ trade” which is built by involving advanced crypto trading tools and techniques.

So today, we will get to know what all you can get by switching to the advanced trade.

A cursory check at the “Coinbase advanced trade”

Coinbase, after reviewing the interest of the crypto investors in crypto activities, has recently come up with the thought of providing an advanced crypto trade platform to its users by launching the trade after sunsetting the existing Coinbase Pro platform.

The customers will experience an advanced trade at the same cost as was charged on the Pro platform. The new platform just like the former one is compatible with mobile and the web plugin also. There is no feature of getting any subscription for performing the trade.

A look at the robust tools offered by the trade

After getting a brief idea and the reason behind the launch of advanced trade, we will now have a glance at the tools offered on this platform that will help you in making a sound crypto investment and trade decision to water your funds and watch them grow.

So, without any delay let’s know what you can get on this platform, and will now discuss all of them briefly.

  • Depth charts
  • Price charts
  • Time Range
  • Indicators

The depth charts are the visual representation of the order book, reflecting the bid and ask prices of the orders over a range of prices.

Price charts are the fastest and simplest way to turn back the pages and check the trade movements by having a look at the historical data.

Indicators are the ones that indicate the market trends and patterns that play important role in taking any trade decision.

Closing thoughts

If you are tired of the simple crypto trade and are looking for something more than that, you must then switch to trade. You can explore more about advanced trade by reaching the official platform of the exchange.