RuneScape will have normal items which somebody about there lvl would have

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Nothing was shot except a client test that the secretary had, and among Oldak's teleport spheres. Inquire about Oldak 2007 RS Accounts, and you discover that the evaluation mentioned he was timid of the surface and favored to be in a location that reminded him of home. You also learn the documents mentioned that Zanik no longer coordinates trade. So, HAM may now understand Zanik is gone.

Head to Lumbridge Swamp and you'll see Oldak as well as the 4 adventurers (out of Lost City) arguing. Oldak believes they know all about the fairy rings, they believe he understands about Zanaris. Interrupt to point them out the best way to get into Zanaris and you will be supplied 10k.

Request Oldak why he wants to understand more about the fairy circles, and he will say that he would like to return to Yubiusk to save Zanik. Tell him about the Dramen Staff, and he'll say it is too inconvenient to go to Entrana every single time he wants one, so he tells you the both of you have to go to the Dramen Tree, try to acquire a seed, and develop a fresh Dramen Tree in Dorgeshkan.

Visit the Port Sarim bar and you will see a cutscene with Oldak requesting some drunken sailors directions to the Entrana ship. One of the sailors will begin attacking Oldak. Defeat the level 27 sailor. Speak to Oldak and you'll see a cutscene of both sailing to Entrana. Head to the cave, beyond the zombies, you do not need an axe, and into the shrub Cheap RS 2007 Fire Cape. Oldak will harvest a seed and also tell you his teleorb got damaged by the demons. Rather than going there though, well, where you land, this dialogue will happen.