Path of Exile: 3 tips about the profession of the Templars

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At the same time, better equipment can also deal higher damage and getting better equipment through buy POE Currency.

The Templars were once known as "noobs" in Path of Exile. Intermediate players realized that the Templars have the ability to protect themselves from physical and magical attacks, and they can also cause damage from these two sources, but the experts found Some players are exhausted in the middle of the POE Currency because they don't realize that the Templars need to be very careful when building. The choice made when building the Templars is very important. A decision must be made as soon as possible. At the same time, better equipment can also deal higher damage and getting better equipment through Buy POE Currency. Professionals will help players become the best Templar.

Target Sanctity And Retribution First
Although the weakening of the harvest puts some players into trouble, fortunately, no special activities are required to show the better side of the Templars. Sanctification and punishment are very close to the starting position of the Templars on the passive skill tree. Sanctity increases armor by 20%, energy shield by 10%, restores 1% of life per second, and increases intelligence and strength by 10 points each. Retribution increases damage by 14%, minion damage by 10%, attack and casting speed by 5%, and an additional 10 points of intelligence and strength. With just two skills, this is incredible value.

Looking for lightning strikes
Path of Exile allows the class to try a variety of construction will and ideas, and the Templars are no exception, although one of the special skill gems stands out. The feature of Lightning Strike is that it will be released when the player uses a melee weapon to Buy POE Currency. This is tailor-made for the Templars who balance physical and magical attacks because it combines two sources of damage into a single medium for standard attacks.

Find other lightning active skill gems
Although the Templar can theoretically cause any type of elemental damage, the lightning damage buff effect can be the closest to the starting point of the skill tree, so the Templar can be closer to home, while focusing on other necessities. The POE Currency provided is also Can enable players to buy more good equipment. Shock Nova is a great skill gem that can clear enemy monsters, Lightning Warp gives him and flashes to improve mobility, and Wrath passively enhances lightning damage.