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The warriors in this OSRS gold minigame would be the backbone of the minigame. If you are a warrior you're on the frontlines. You will be attacked by 50 level 30 vampires first. If you hold off them you may be assaulted by 50 level 50 vampires. If you manage to hold them off you'll be assaulted by 100 level 50 vampires.

Whenever you're overrun you're advised to fallback to the Salve and hold off the remaining witches until service comes. When you fall back you'll be assaulted by one wave of witches below you. For instance: If you're on 50 level 50 vampires, then you will be assaulted by 50 level 30 vampires. Do not worry though, you aren't the sole person to be fighting the vampires. You will have 3 additional warriors combined with 56 Misthalin soldiers (level 50). Whenever you are overrun though, all you will be advised to fallback.

If you don't fallback you'll be killed by a mysterious force. But while you do fallback you will see all of the archers and monks on the opposite side of this river getting prepared to help you survive for 5 minutes. Wait for 5 minutes after which you'll be told to get across the river, so you win!

Monks will be the people who are responsible for preparing the monastery on the opposite side of this river to get assault. You'll be advised to run down into Old school runescape gold the Masoleum. Grab the garlic onto the plate next to you and allow the vampires come around the corner. Attack the vampires with the garlic. One will endure, but he is hurt from the garlic and your bible.