Crazy guessing among the cover stars of NBA 2K22

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The cover star of NBA 2K22 is about to announce, it’s time to look at the potential options.

The cover star of NBA 2K22 is about to announce, it’s time to look at the potential options. NBA 2K22 has not yet proclaimed, we expect it to be announced in the next few weeks. Although the NBA 2K franchise has not officially appeared on E3 for many years, E3 seems to be a pleasant reminder of the upcoming 2K franchise information. According to the practice of previous years, the announcement of this year’s cover star should come in July. Although the specific news has not yet come out, some players are already preparing for 2K22 MT For Sale, smart!

Although the stars of NBA 2K21 are relatively easy to predict, this year’s choice is undecided. NBA 2K22 still has some obvious choices. Last year’s version of NBA 2K21 had three separate covers including the standard version featuring Damian Lillard, the next-generation version starring Zion Williamson, and the Mamba Forever edition. If this model is established, fans can look forward to the three different titles of NBA 2K22.

According to the habits of previous years, the cover star candidates for NBA 2K are generally some players who performed well last season, such as FMVP winners or MVP winners or scoring champions or the best rookies or some players who performed exceptionally well in some aspects. So far, many people or some information on the Internet revealed that Luka Doncic, who played for the Dallas Mavericks, will become the cover star of NBA 2K22, but no one is sure if this is true.

In any case, paying more attention to some information is always helpful to know NBA 2K22 in advance. We guess that 2K will release NBA 2K22 in early September, because the previous release time was about that time. They can also purchase more cheap and safe NBA 2K22 MT in advance through GameMS to prepare for all aspects. After 2K Sports release NBA 2K22, GameMS will also have promotional activities for players to enjoy.