A Complete Writing Guide of Narrative Essay

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Write a narrative essay about one of the following topics. You can also ask someone to write an essay for you if you have trouble with the topic selection phase.

A narrative essay is where the writer tells about experiences they have had. One good thing about writing a narrative essay is that it can be fun to write and interesting to read. They are often written in high school or college when students tell about their experiences or events they have gone through according to an argumentative essay outline high school.

Steps for Writing the Narrative Essay

Writing a great narrative essay is hard and requires proper planning. However, we have gathered some steps that will help you write a great essay on time. 


  • Choose a Topic


To write a narrative essay, pick an interesting topic. The first thing the reader reads is the topic, so try to pick a good one.


  • Do Some Research


When you pick an essay topic, you need to do research. You should try to find information that is relevant to the topic and which you know is true. When you have a lot of good information, it will be easy for you to write your essay.


  • Write an Outline


An essay outline is a way to keep track of all the information you have for your essay. You will not forget any main point with an outline, and you do not have to worry about how to write your essay.


  • Write the Introduction


To start an essay, you need to have a good introduction that starts with something that will interest the reader. It should include background information, a hook statement, and the thesis statement. If you are having trouble writing this section of your essay, you can get help from writers at the essay writing service.


  • Write the Main Body


This is the most important part. It's where you describe the topic in detail but only add relevant information.


  • Write the Conclusion


You should write a conclusion for your essay. It should be like the climax of a story. Summarize what you wrote in 2-3 lines and then end.


  • Proofreading and Editing


Read over the essay until there are no more errors. You can also ask someone else to read it for you. Never submit the essay before reading and editing it.

Narrative Essay Topics

Below are some topics for a narrative essay. Choose one that you like the best.

  • The most valuable possession from my childhood.
  • The best thing you’ve seen during your visit to a local museum.
  • Most embarrassing encounter with my cousin
  • The most painful situation was when you received a rejection
  • A time that you experienced something truly frightening.
  • A time you made friends in an unusual circumstance.
  • How I overcame my fear of giving speeches
  • The day I decided to change my life.
  • What was your favorite game during childhood, and why?
  • The most beautiful thing in the world for me.
  • Traveling to school through bad weather
  • The strangest job interview
  • A misunderstanding with another person
  • Making new friends at college

Write a narrative essay about one of the following topics. You can also ask someone to write an essay for you if you have trouble with the topic selection phase, as discussed in argumentative essay outline examples.

Tips for Writing a Great Narrative Essay

The following are tips for writing an excellent narrative essay. 

  • Choose an interesting topic. 
  • Do research before you start writing the essay. 
  • Make the outline of your essay and make it easy to write. 
  • Don't explain the details in the introduction part.
  • Just add relevant information in the body paragraphs.
  •  Finish your essay by restating what you said at the beginning, then proofread it and fix all mistakes. 

So, if you follow these tips for writing a successful narrative essay, you will be successful.