The Pascal Programming Language

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The free compiler runs Object Pascal and Pascal programs. Free Pascal is a 32-bit and 64-bit Delphi-compatible Pascal and Turbo Pascal compiler.


Pascal was invented by Nicklaus Wirth in the 1970s and nicknamed after Blaise Pascal. Pascal supports data structures and structured programming practices as a procedural programming language. Pascal programming assignments can help you learn different programming techniques.

The Pascal programming language follows the block-structured style in the Algol programming language. The ISO 7185 Pascal Standard got published in the year 1983. Let’s look at the characteristics of your Pascal programming assignment help to you learn more about the language.

6 Features of the Pascal Programming Language

  1. Supports multiple programming structures
  2. Uses different functions and procedures.
  3. Includes data types like sets, files, arrays, and records.
  4. Compatible with object-oriented programming languages.
  5. Includes extensive error-checking options

6. Robust typed language.

With the features covered, let’s learn how the Pascal Programming Language is applicable in practical life.  

Potentials of the Pascal Programming Language

Developers can create recursive and dynamic data structures like lists, trees, and graphs.

The programming language involves nested procedure definitions across different depth levels.

Pascal is used as a framework to build different embedded systems like a simplify calculator and PC games.

Popular applications like Skype, Macromedia Captivate, TeX, and Apple Lisa also involve Pascal’s layout.

Now let’s cover how to run Pascal in its compatible environment.

The Pascal Environment Set-Up

Pascal involves 6 different general-purpose compilers and interpreters. They are –

  1. Free Pascal– The free compiler runs Object Pascal and Pascal programs. Free Pascal is a 32-bit and 64-bit Delphi-compatible Pascal and Turbo Pascal compiler. It runs on platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, and others.
  2. Turbo51– This free compiler applies to the 8051 microcontrollers category using the Turbo Pascal 7 syntax.
  3. Turbo Pascal–Offers a compiler and an IDE to run Pascal programs across different platforms like Windows, DOS, Macintosh, CP/M, and CP/M-86.
  4. GNU Pascal (GPC) – The Pascal compiler contains a front end for the GNU Compiler Collection.
  5. Oxygene– The Object Pascal compiler for Mono and .NET platforms. Applications built on the Oxygene framework help understand environmental law and science assignment essay help.  
  6. Delphi–Runs Object Pascal with compilers creating native codes for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems. Delphi also operates on iOS and 32-bit Mac OS X platforms.


Despite being half a century old, the procedural programming language has several practical and real-life applications in software development. For example, you can use Pascal to refine your computer programming essay structure and run your program in any of the 6 supportable environments.

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