Ghost blows out the light

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Ghost blows out the lightGhost blows out the lightGhost blows out the light

I found that the mercury gas in the hall was getting thicker and thicker and I could not stay any longer At this time I did not elaborate so I asked them not to drag me up first I wanted to descend to the broken wall to see if there was any chance to take out the contents In addition let the fat man burn the haunted "witch clothes" with a lighter and especially emphasize to the fat man that no matter how strange the clothes are they should not be ignored just light the fire Then let Shirley Yang seize the time to climb to the top first and blow up the temple tiles The three of them acted separately trying to leave the "Lingyun Heavenly Palace" in the shortest possible time Otherwise if they continued to delay not to mention the severity of the mercury it would be very bad if they stayed in the haunted palace when it was dark outside Shirley Yang and Fatty didn't know what I wanted to do but we had been together for a long time and we both knew that I must have my reasons and it was not too late to go out so they split up from the big wooden beam The fat man was able to move despite the darkness in the hall and he could not see clearly how high he was from the bottom I saw that he dared to rub from the wooden beam to the "witch clothes" hanging in the corner of the hall and took out the lighter tremblingly Knowing that even ghosts and gods were afraid of him because of his reckless hatred he stopped looking at him pulled the pulley on his waist and stepped on a stone tablet nearby Swing your body from midair to the mural wall As soon as he reached the mural wall with both hands he quickly climbed up half a meter to avoid the mercury below The development of the technology of heating mercury sulfide in the Qin and Han Dynasties was Packaging Printing due to the unremitting efforts of Qin Emperor and Han Wu in seeking longevity through alchemy The mural wall was cracked by the tripod cover and as expected half of the jade letter was exposed There were several turns of gold rope wrapped around the letter and the rising flowing mercury was about to submerge the cracks in the wall In a hurry it was too late to take a closer look First the upside down body was turned over and then immediately started to chisel the wall with a pickaxe I was familiar with the work of tearing down the wall when I was an engineer He endured the choking mercury odor and kept waving his pickaxe to expand the cracks in the wall The mural walls are all made of " (Tian ersheng) adobe bricks" There are no stones so they are not strong There may be several special bricks that are movable and can hide things inside However due to the impact of huge external forces the joints of movable bricks are somewhat deformed and it is difficult to distinguish which bricks are dead and which bricks can be moved so they have to be thoroughly chiseled The jade letter hidden in the wall was not small and I needed to chisel out a large piece of "adobe" before I could take it out While I was busy chiseling the wall I suddenly heard a boom on my head and a lot of bricks and tiles fell down A dazzling sunlight shone into the gloomy palace I looked up at the top of the hall It turned out that Shirley Yang had opened a skylight for the top of the hall but the glazed roof of the Heavenly Palace was not thick He did not use explosives He directly used engineer shovels and pickaxes to break a big hole The sunlight slanted into the hall just shining on the "witch clothes" in the corner and the fat man just lit the fire at the same time The red "witch dress" which seemed to be stained with blood burned and fell down China Suppliers turning into a mass of ashes which was covered by mercury in an instant When I saw that both of them had succeeded I tried my best to chisel out the last two bricks that were in the way and reached out to take out the jade letter hidden in the wall It was not very heavy and now I had no time to guess what was inside I put the jade letter under my armpit and turned the pulley to raise the main beam At this time several animal heads in the hall were still spraying mercury Without passing the height of the position of the hidden things in the mural wall if it had been half a minute slower just now it would never have had a chance to get this jade letter As soon as I got on the main beam I immediately joined up with the fat man hurriedly climbed the rafters and climbed out of the dangerous Heavenly Palace through the "skylight" cleared by Shirley Yang Because of the special terrain the depth of "Worm Valley" is exposed to sunlight for a very short time every day As soon as the sun deviates it is covered by mountains and the valley will gradually fall into darkness Standing on the slippery glazed tiles you can see that the "dragon halo" under the Heavenly Palace has changed from colorful when the sunshine is abundant to a dim golden light and then to a funnel-shaped pool in the depths It was too dark to see the water clearly and it seemed to merge with the black whirlpool at the bottom of the deep pool In retrospect of the encounters in the Heavenly Palace just now the most puzzling thing for me is still those bronze animals and bronze figures As for the strange clothes hanging high in the hall the sharp smile of women like ice and frost the large amount Business Travel Services of mercury pouring out and the jade letters hidden in the mural walls they are not worried and their minds are full of the flames rising under the big tripod as well as the bronze statues with unusual movements and costumes There must be something unusual that I haven't remembered yet but the more I think about it the more I can't grasp any clue Then Shirley Yang gave me a gentle push and I came to my senses from my hard thinking I took out the jade letter from the painting wall and showed it to Fatty and Shirley Yang and briefly explained the situation at that time The jade letter is wrapped with several turns of gold rope The jade color is simple and unsophisticated with a little red scar It looks like an antique thousands of years ago However the jade letter is flat and rectangular and it looks like it should not be a container for "Phoenix Gallbladder" Such a secret place was hidden in the rear hall of the Heavenly Palace and the things in it must be no small matter I wanted to open it immediately but the jade letter was closed very tightly If there were no special tools if I wanted to open it I would have to destroy the ancient jade outside Shirley Yang said "The ancient jade is small and the items inside are big It's not too late to look at it carefully after we go back Now time is pressing and we don't have to look at it as early as possible" I nodded yes and asked the fat man to wrap up the jade letter and put it into his backpack first I asked the fat man "When you burned that red dress did you think there was something strange about it" After the fat man packed the jade letter he put the big rucksack beside him and complained to me "You still have the face to ask That dress is really ***ing evil If the fat man is a little less courageous you will have to collect my body at this moment Next time there is such a fatal job it is more appropriate for you Commander Hu to do it in person Even the blind fortune-teller said you are lucky" 。