I don't read much. Don't lie to me.

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I don't read much. Don't lie to me.I don't read much. Don't lie to me.I don't read much. Don't lie to me.

As soon as the hero post came out, the hostility disappeared. A group of heroes lit a bonfire on the spot and gathered around the fire to take out dry food to eat. Catherine took out several dried salted sea fish from the Pas de Calais and handed them to you in a dozen pieces with her dagger. Stocker brought several squares of bacon. Others brought cherries, some took out a piece of cheese, and shared them with everyone. They ate and drank and were very affectionate. The minstrel took the opportunity to pluck the strings and sing "Stefan of Paris". Brother Richard sat alone on the flower bed dozens of paces away, took out a piece of rye bread from his bosom, and chewed it slowly with the water in his bag. Suddenly there was a sound of footsteps, and then the young knight named Theron came over and gave Richard a knight's salute. "What's the matter, little friend Theron?" Richard asked. "Brother Richard," said Theron, "when shall we get to Paris tomorrow morning?" Richard said, "If you don't stop in the middle, it will only take half a day to get into the king's camp." Theron exulted: "So, tomorrow at this time, will be able to see Miss Joan … …" Is General Jeanne? When Richard saw that the young knight's eyes were full of longing, he couldn't help laughing and said, "Have you ever seen her?" "No," said Theron, "but there is no one in France who does not know the name of General Joan of Arc. It is said that she is not only brave and skillful in battle, but also a beauty. I came all the way from Avignon to see her face. Richard laughed and said, "Oh, so you're not for His Majesty Charles VII." Embarrassed, Theron realized that he had said the wrong thing and quickly changed his tune: "For Charles VII, and for General Joan.". Friar,Inflatable water park factory, have you seen her? When Richard heard him ask, Joan's pretty face floated in his heart. Thinking that he would meet her again tomorrow, his expression changed slightly and he nodded. Theron said, "I've heard that she's also good at martial arts. If it weren't for the knight's vow not to fight with women, I'd really like to compete with her." Richard couldn't help laughing. He patted the young man on the shoulder and said, "Don't count on it." Theron thought the friar had underestimated him and said hurriedly, "I have been taught by a famous family since I was a child. I am good at spear, chain hammer and sword." "What do you think of my martial arts?" Asked Richard. Theron exclaimed,inflatable bounce house with slide, "Friar, your roar of the fire dragon has an amazing internal force. I can hardly stand standing aside." Richard pointed to himself and pointed to the direction of Paris in the distance. "When I first met Joan of Arc that day, I was knocked down in less than ten strokes. It was my sneak attack that took the lead." Theron was shocked. In his mind, Brother Richard's martial arts were so strong that he was vulnerable to Joan of Arc. Richard said, "Plato once said that there are people outside the world, and the knowledge outside the circle is more extensive than that inside the circle.". The ancients did not deceive me. Theron blushed and dared not say much. In the early morning of the next day, a group of heroes lined up and marched to Paris. Along the way, there were scattered Jianghu people joining them. When they were approaching Paris, the number of the team had exceeded 80. The closer we get to Paris, the more devastated we are along the way. Wolf smoke everywhere, broken shields, broken bows and corpses can be seen everywhere, which shows the fierce battle. When the heroes came here, they all closed their voices and looked in awe. Only then did they realize that the power of the army was far beyond the struggle in Jianghu. Brother Richard was kind-hearted. At first, he saw the dead who had been dumped in the wilderness, and he recited a few prayers. Later, Jumping castle with slide ,Inflatable meltdown, the more dead there were, the more he could read, so he had to give up. The team had not yet found the French camp, but they met a group of British troops by chance, and both sides were unprepared. Fortunately, Richard Friar shot in time, in the middle of the dispatch, that group of English soldiers where is the opponent of these Jianghu high rollers, only a prayer time, then completely annihilated the enemy, but also captured several people. Richard was so lucky that if he had let the soldiers line up first, he would have been defeated by this swordsman like a loose sand. Catherine, who had been a thief in the North Sea for many years and was proficient in English, went to interrogate a circle of captives. It turned out that the group of soldiers had just been sent from England to assist the Duke of Bedford. According to the captives, the Duke of beford led the knights to the front to inspect yesterday, but was trapped in a small castle by Joan's surprise troops. Now the British army in Paris has been ordered to rush to the castle like crazy, in order to save the Duke before Joan breaks through the castle. The French army is also in position, blocking help everywhere. Friar Richard listened to Catherine's translation and said nothing. "Better early than late, Friar," laughed Carlisle, the bard. Richard is stupefied, immediately way: "According to your meaning..." "It's not interesting to go to the French Stronghold at this time," said Carlisle. There is a proverb in China and Europe, "Take advantage of the situation and rise at the right time.". Friar, you know that you don't read books. Richard said, "You are a man who has an idea, but you have come to push me ahead." The Bard smiled slyly. "Heroes are all heroes. What does it have to do with me?" Brother Richard knew that the war was dangerous, and although Joan had succeeded in attacking the Duke of Beford, she could not break the castle for a while. By the time the British were encircled, Joan would be trapped. He thought of the girl's golden hair, and having made up his mind, he immediately called the people together, gave a brief account of the situation, and raised his hands and said, "I have come to Paris to answer the will of God and the wishes of all the people.". On that day, Daxia Roland fought against the three Arab suzerains, and finally shed blood on the battlefield and went to justice generously. General Joan of Arc, as a young girl, saved the fate of France and scattered Roland's heroic posts. Now that we have received her heroic post today, we should follow the example of the sages and go to the disaster generously. I decided to go straight to the castle to help General Joan kill the Duke of Yinggou. Will be a hundred years of struggle, the end of this battle! Which one of you is going with me? Hearing this, Theron drew his sword and shouted, "Kill the old dog! Long live Joan!" The group of heroes were aroused by these words and shouted together: "Kill the old dog, long live Joan!" Brother Richard was overjoyed to see that the morale of the troops was available. So the group of soldiers repaired on the spot for a while, ate a full meal, and then took off the clothes of the British soldiers and put them on. Stalker, who was vice president of the butchers' guild in Paris, was very familiar with the geography of the neighborhood, so he led the team to the small castle at night. Richard had climbed the high slope on the way to look down, only to see at least dozens of torches around,Inflatable indoor park, unable to distinguish between the enemy and ourselves, worried, urged the team to go faster.