Cuixiu Yuhuan-Wolongsheng _ txt Novel Paradise

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Cuixiu Yuhuan-Wolongsheng _ txt Novel ParadiseCuixiu Yuhuan-Wolongsheng _ txt Novel ParadiseCuixiu Yuhuan-Wolongsheng _ txt Novel Paradise

Chao Nanzi closed the gate and said in a low voice, "The two Younger Martial Brothers of the Poor Way and several disciples of the Poor Way have all been sent out to welcome the heroes of the world. There is only one disciple waiting for them, who has also been made a hidden stake by the Poor Way Sect. The Poor Way is the only guardian here.". "What did the Taoist find?" Asked Jiang Xiaofeng. Chao Nanzi said, "Before you two got here, I found a reflection in the water. It moved strangely and flashed away. Unfortunately, I found it too slowly.". I didn't see it clearly, and just as I was about to go over and have a look, you two came in time. "At such an important moment," said Wang Xiu, "the enemy must not be allowed to infiltrate." Move your feet slowly, walk out of the cottage, hide in the bamboo fence, and look into the pond. Jiang Xiaofeng also went out carefully. Looking up, I saw the thick shade covering the sky and blocking the line of sight. Turning to look at the reflection of the trees in the pond, it is very Pure Brightness. It turned out that the pond was very vast, the sunlight reflected, and the light was particularly bright. Every branch and leaf can be seen very clearly. At this time, Chao Nanzi also walked out slowly and looked into the pond. Suddenly, the branches and leaves of the pond moved, and two birds flew out and crossed the pond. As soon as Jiang Xiaofeng's heart moved, he said to himself, My godfather has passed me the art of serving birds. Why don't you use it to search for the enemy. When the mind turns, the lips whistle low, sending out a sound of birdsong. There were a lot of birds in the trees, and Jiang Xiaofeng responded to all of them. For a time, all of them were full of black birds. However, he has not yet reached the point of using birds with ease,347 stainless steel, and can only cause birds to sing. They fly around, but they can't use them to send warnings and find out where the enemy is. All of a sudden, the birds were contending, and they came very suddenly, only to hear that Chao Nanzi was greatly surprised. But Wang Xiu moved his body to Jiang Xiaofeng's side and said, "Brother Huyan's skill of serving birds is like using his arm to use his fingers. It is absolutely unique in the world. Jiang Shaoxia has got the true biography." Jiang Xiaofeng heard a cry on his face and said, "The younger generation has only learned a little. Although it causes the birds to sing, they can't be used to search for the enemy." Wang Xiu gave a cry and said no more. Jiang Xiaofeng felt ashamed in his heart and thought hard about the next step. The more anxious he was, the more he couldn't think of it. Is from anxiety,uns s31803 sheet, suddenly heard a few birds cry, more than ten birds, have fallen from the air and died. Jiang Xiaofeng suddenly jumped up and rushed straight to a tall locust tree. Wang Xiu and Chao Nanzi were also alert and jumped out of the window. As soon as Jiang Xiaofeng jumped more than twenty feet high, he reached out and grabbed a branch hanging down. With a strong wrist and a strong pull, he took advantage of the situation to turn over and rush straight up. But the branch, unable to withstand the pressure of Jiang Xiaofeng, rumbled, folded into two sections, and fell into the grass. "Be careful, Brother Jiang," said Wang Xiu in a loud voice. Following the flying body, he jumped on a forked tree skill. At this time, a tall poplar tree. Lightning runs like thunder, flying down a winter figure. Jiang Xiaofeng jumped up, the man swooped down, two figures, the title was branded in one place. Just listen to a sound of gold and iron, the cold door turned, two people fell to the ground at the same time. Jiang Xiaofeng turned over on the ground and leapt to his feet; at the same moment, uns s32750 sheet ,321 stainless steel sheet, the other side stood up. Staring, I saw that the man was short and thin, wearing a gray gown. He carried a long and wide sword, almost as long as he was. Jiang Xiaofeng recognized that this was Wu Banfeng, a strange scholar who had pretended to be crazy and acted foolishly at Lan Tianyi's birthday feast. He immediately sneered and said, "So it's Wu Banfeng, a strange scholar." "You're not dead yet, Master Jiang," said Wu Banfeng with a smile. Wang Xiu, Chao Nanzi, leap out together. He stood in the position of two men and surrounded Wu Banfeng in the middle. Jiang Xiaofeng shook his sword and said, "Are you alone?" Wu Banfeng smiled indifferently and said, "Yes, there's only one of me." Jiang Xiaofeng looked back at Wang Xiu and Chao Nanzi and said, "You two are sweeping the array." He raised his sword to flatten his chest and pushed Wu Banfeng toward him. "Your swordsmanship is very profound," he said. "I wonder if you would like to fight it out with Jiang." In fact, the words in the mouth, has been superfluous, deceiving Wu Banfeng, a long sword. Straight to Wu Banfeng when the chest stab. Wu Banfeng brandished his sword, and the two men immediately launched a fierce fight! Jiang Xiaofeng has had many adventures over the years, and his martial arts have entered the country greatly, but he has never had a chance to let go. At the moment met Wu Banfeng, it is a great opportunity to test, let go, all attack moves, cold awn flow. Each sword pointed to the vital point of Wu Banfeng. Wu Banfeng wide and long sword, waving, with the sound of the wind, the momentum is amazing, but because of Jiang Xiaofeng Chen fast break, snatched the first chance, Wu Banfeng suddenly fell at a disadvantage. But Qishusheng is indeed a character with unique skills. Despite Jiang Xiaofeng's continuous attacks, he is still able to deal with it calmly without showing any signs of defeat. Wang Xiu and Chao Nanzi wanted to help each other, and in the bathroom, they could control the strange scholar Wu Banfeng, but after seeing the situation of Jiang Xiaofeng and the strange scholar fighting, they suddenly had a feeling that they had no way to start. It turned out that the sword of the two men's fight was unusually dense, and there was no gap at all. Even if they wanted to help each other, they had no way to start, so they had to stand on one side and look on coldly. By this time, it was already the time for the sun to go down, and in the western sky, there was a brilliant sunset glow, which was reflected on the two men's flying swords, and in the cold light of the rotation, there were patches of red light. Wang Xiu looked at the two men fighting. It seemed that it was very difficult to win or lose in a very short time. He was very anxious. He said in a low voice, "Since the scholar is here, he is not alone. What is more terrible is that besides him, there may be a backup figure. It seems that it is very difficult for Jiang Shaoxia to subdue this person for a while. But the heroes gathered here will arrive soon." If they continue to fight like this, they are bound to be discovered by Wu Banfeng. Chao Nanzi raised his long sword and said, "Let me help Shaoxia Jiang." Wang Xiu said, "In order to save the whole martial arts world, there is no need to keep the precepts of Jianghu." As soon as Chao Nanzi gritted his teeth in his heart, he raised his sword and went up. In his heart, he thought to himself, When I was attacking from both sides, I gave him a life,uns s32760 plate, which blocked his sword path. Jiang Xiaofeng would have a chance to take his life. He made up his mind and immediately jumped up, even with his sword, and rushed straight to the strange scholar.