The eternal life of online games

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The eternal life of online gamesThe eternal life of online gamesThe eternal life of online gamesThe eternal life of online games

"Subordinate schools?"? You have to be careful. In Longmen, many gifted disciples can get dragon blood and become dragons after practicing the secret method of Longmen. According to the information collected by Lingxi Baihui, there are at least thousands of people in Longmen who can become dragons. To challenge the world of ten thousand dragons, they are not without this qualification. It's just that hundreds of thousands of years ago, they had an accident in Longmen. Get the strength of the big fall, so in the days outside the days of super schools ranked lower! Xi'er said. What happened? Ling Yan hurriedly asked. I don't know that either! I just heard it was a change! Xi'er shook her head and said hurriedly, "Ling Yan, you'd better solve the matter in front of you as soon as possible. You must be able to solve it, right?"? Xi'er has always believed in you! "I'm not omnipotent!" Ling Yan smiled with a wry smile and looked at the man of the Dragon Gate. He had already stepped on the treasure book without hesitation. His feet stepped into the groove on the treasure book. In an instant, the treasure book and his body sent out a record of daylight-like luster at the same time. This is the sign that two people are connected as one. Who are you Immediately, someone in the crowd asked a relatively simple question. Long Feiyu! The man drank a lot. Whoosh! In a twinkling of an eye, the golden light bloomed on the treasure book of Jian Yan! "The truth!" There was a roar. Now tell a lie! One of the immortals came out with a cheeky smile and asked loudly, "Long Feiyu, are you a man or a woman?"? Tell a lie! Long Feiyu thought for a moment. He glanced at the man and said, "Woman!" Swish! The moment the words fell to the ground, the treasure book of Jian Yan immediately burst into red light again. It's a sign of a lie. Ye Bianzhou looked at this scene triumphantly, and then looked at Mrs. Yunhua provocatively. Later, people tried several more difficult problems, and everything turned out to be normal. Mrs. Yunhua looked at the scene with a flat face,316ti stainless steel, silent and even without movement. After Long Feiyu wrote the book, people began to focus on Mrs. Yunhua and Ling Yan again. The people of Longmen are upright. I believe you all have no problem, right? If you still don't believe that there is something wrong with this book, you can have a try. I, Ye Bianzhou, am not afraid of fire! Ye Bianzhou folded his fists and said, "However,x60 line pipe, if you have no problem, I think..". Ling Yan !! Do you dare to go to the treasure book and accept the questioning of the people present? As soon as the words fell to the ground, Youxi and others immediately roared: "This is just a conspiracy. If you want me to go up, will he go up?"? See me destroy your precious book today, and then destroy your treacherous villain! "Destroy this treacherous villain!" The people of the Hall of Eternal Youth roared together. A group of strength but every immortal inferior existence, also dare to speak wildly? Wait for me to clean up Ling Yan, and then kill you one by one! Ye Bianzhou coldly swept the Youxi and others behind Ling Yan, secretly saying ruthlessly in his heart. Youxi, calm down! However, Ling Yan waved his hand to stop the anger of Youxi and others. Xi'er clung to Ling Yan, his face full of anxiety, as if afraid that he would do something to worry about, and Mrs. Yunhua also secretly turned her eyes sideways, looking at Ling Yan, x56 line pipe ,x70 line pipe, ruddy and clear mouth gently pursed. Ling Yan gently patted Xi'er's little hand, showing a comforting smile. Then he broke off Leng Wanqing's little hand, which was getting tighter and tighter, and almost tore his clothes. After warning him not to use the token of the afterlife, he stepped forward and chuckled at Ye Bianzhou: "Well, I'm willing to accept the words of the book!" Whoa! The whole Lingkong Palace seemed to be boiling up, and the immortals showed an incredible appearance, staring at Ling Yan. Light is this expression, Ling Yan is very helpless ah, it seems that these people do not seem to trust themselves. Ling Yan sighed, then shook his head and said in a loud voice, "However, for the sake of fairness, I hope that Elder Ye Bianzhou can also accept the test of this book later!"! Later, I will wait and raise a few questions to him! I wonder if you can? Ling Yan asked with a smile. Out of this sentence, people's eyes immediately shifted to Ye Bianzhou's body.. Does Ling Yan want to fight with himself? Huh, just because of him? Later, if he can't answer the question or lie, he will insist on his guilt. When the time comes, let this group of idiots here fight with him. I believe Ling Yan can't take advantage of it. I'll behead Ling Yan again! Capture the shadow palace in the sky! Ye Bianzhou thought about the next plan almost in an instant, and immediately shouted: "I have no objection!"! Ling Yan, you go on, I hope you don't use lies to deceive me later, but! The ugly words are ahead! If you are true, Ling Yan is really the real murderer who killed the head of my faction! I, Ye Bianzhou, will not circle you! "Yes, if the truth of the matter is as the elder Ye Bianzhou said, I will never let you go so easily!" http:/// Section 1420 Inspection People all expressed their views one by one, and even the people of Wan Guhuaguang sent representatives to speak. Who else dares to talk nonsense in full view of the public? "Well, since everyone is like this, then if I Ling Yan avoid it, it's true, I'll confess without a fight!" Ling Yan smiled, then jumped directly on the treasure book, and stepped on the treasure book. Whoosh! The silver-white luster immediately rose, and Ling Yan and Bao Dian were linked together in an instant. People hold their breath and concentrate, and Ye Bianzhou is feeling a little wrong, Ling Yan into so happy? Could it be that he has something to rely on? But see Ling Yan stand calmly, feet straight, look ahead, a leisurely look, can not see the slightest bit of panic,x56 line pipe, not to mention the slightest trembling. He's not afraid? Or does he just not care? Ye Bianzhou's eyes congealed together, his pupils suddenly dilated, and he stared at Ling Yan.