Jiangshan Meiren Zhi (complete fine collation)

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Jiangshan Meiren Zhi (complete fine collation)Jiangshan Meiren Zhi (complete fine collation)

Even under the supervision of the Western Xinjiang emissaries, the Chidi people lifted the military mobilization. But Luo Bei side still dare not have the slightest slack, Beisang immediately after taking over the guard to shrink the defensive circle, give up some of the less important parts, and the main force concentrated in the Barona line, and first in the assembly of the Western Mobilization Army also joined forces with the Southern Remnants Army to put out a defensive resistance to the end of the situation, After all, now Chi Di people's military strength has far exceeded Luo Bei, if not for the sudden illness of Muruwa, if not for the reinforcement of more than one hundred thousand rangers in the western Xinjiang, if it is not the timely mobilization of Luo Bei people, if it is not for Anou people because of the defection of the Numidians and the pressure of the people to retreat, this will decide the fate of the two peoples. No one can guarantee, and no one can predict what the outcome of this battle will be once it breaks out. But history has no ifs, and all kinds of subjective and objective reasons have led to the disappearance of the beacon smoke that must be ignited, and the dawn of peace shines on the Tengger grassland again. Tengger grassland situation calm down for the west is undoubtedly a huge gospel, although hundreds of thousands of rangers are still waiting for the red di people after the complete lifting of the military mobilization dare to evacuate Luo Bei people territory, but at least India and the second legion need not bear much pressure, India and the second legion have suffered a lot of losses, But in exchange for the submission of the Luo Bei people, no matter from what point of view, this battle should be regarded as a complete victory. Tengger wind and cloud gradually, but the imperial war again, the army of the two legions again placed in the middle of the continent seems to be somewhat inappropriate,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, the Military Affairs Department soon issued a mobilization order, India De'an legion renamed the seventh legion of Western Xinjiang, replacing the second legion stationed in North Luzon and the Western Regions, and the second legion also formally received orders. The end of his stay in the Central Continent and his full return to the interior of the Empire also indicated that the Western Frontier began to shrink its military forces in other areas to cope with the increasingly severe domestic war situation. Thin near dust at this time the mood is very calm, he is not worried about what Lan Bailin will do to him, although the attempted military remonstrance between the two has opened a gap that can not be filled, Lan Bailin also knows that he will never forgive him. Although the thin dust in the heart for the blue forest at the time of the choice and not much blame, he is more concerned about why the blue forest is not in the beginning of the straightforward opposition to their own and Xu Wei's choice, and to the last moment to come to such a hand, no matter what kind of objective reasons, but in fact this is betrayal, naked betrayal, Parallel Shaft Gearbox ,12v High Torque Motor, in the eyes of thin dust, You can allow different choices, but you will never accept betrayal. But he was to accept this mission is absolutely not because of the blue forest, when he saw the first side of the blue forest did not hesitate to say this, he is for the blue forest under one hundred thousand loyal children of peace can get a brighter future, of course, thin near dust also on behalf of Li Wufeng to blue forest expressed the idea of soliciting, But this is only his courtiers have to do the responsibility, from the personal feelings, he would prefer the blue forest himself refused to recruit, so that the western frontier can also justifiably exterminate the troops, but for hundreds of soldiers this is too unfair. Seeing the elder who used to be a teacher and friend sitting there with a calm face, Lan Bailin also had mixed feelings in his heart. Why did he make such a choice at the beginning? Now he himself is not sure whether what he did is right or wrong. But one thing is certain that he will not regret what he has done. Even if he is wrong, he is willing to be wrong in the end. Elder Martial Brotherther did not serve the western border to let the blue forest was surprised, Elder Martial Brotherther chose a wandering path, this choice also let the blue forest speechless, the glory of the past seems to have gone away, leaving only the vicissitudes of life, and at the beginning of the famous empire of Taiping Wuxiang has now become a member of the western border military affairs department, things have changed, all this seems to change too fast. A little too fast to accept, is this the speed of elimination of the historical trend? Are you a little behind the times when you are down and out now? Jiangshan Meirenzhi Chapter 2 Qi Swallows Thousands of Miles Chapter 6 Hegemony Section 47 The Struggle for the Main House [Section 48 of the main text] Bailin, is your army ready? Although the words are still that kind of address, but the tone has been completely different from the past, Bo Jinchen understands this, Lan Bailin is the same, the past feelings have disappeared, now leaving only a complete official relationship. Bo Xiang rest assured that since Bailin has agreed to Gu Bo Xiang's request, naturally he will not go back on his word. Perhaps some things in Bailin make Bo Xiang palpitate, but this time Bo Xiang can rest assured that Bailin's decision will not change. But you also know that the brothers have not allocated much money because of the Empire for so long, the training and equipment of the brothers are still in the original situation, and the fighting power supported by faith in the past is now very little for various reasons, so Bailin needs some time to clean up and streamline. In order to be able to take a good look so that Li Wufeng will not be too disappointed. Lan Bailin was not as charming as he used to be when he was the Second Young Master. The heavy pressure forced him to adapt to the cruel world. Without the support of his master and subordinates, he took on the heavy responsibility himself. This great change in life made him mature quickly, and at the same time made his mind more gloomy and profound. Dumb waved his hand and laughed it off. The corners of Bo Jin-chen's mouth showed an indescribable smile, like sarcasm and a reminder: "Bailin, don't mention the word Bo Xiang again in the future. The military minister of the Taiping Holy Country in the past has long passed away, and now only Bo Jin-chen of the Western Xinjiang Military Affairs Office is left. If Bailin really respects the old, you might as well call him Bo Lao.". I would also like to remind you that since you have accepted the conditions for the incorporation of Xijiang. Even if officially become a member of the western border, the word Li Wufeng is not what you and I can say,Vending Machine Motor, the lower part of the Qin Palace is what you and I call, otherwise said smoothly, perhaps a large number of adults of His Royal Highness the King of Qin will not care. But his officials and generals could not hear such disrespectful words. I'm afraid it's a great disadvantage to you. 。