The Great God lost his horse again, BG.

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The Great God lost his horse again, BG.The Great God lost his horse again, BG.The Great God lost his horse again, BG.

With only two syllables, Gu Yue heard Changyue's voice from inside. She suddenly looked back, but the reality was that several people who got off were blocking behind her and urging her to get off. She simply moved out of the way to let the people behind her go down first, while she retreated to the back to find the owner of the voice. Thank you, young man. "You're welcome." The same voice sounded again, Gu Yue immediately stared at the past, but saw that the owner of the voice was a boy about seventeen or eighteen years old, dressed in a blue casual sportswear, looking particularly vigorous, with an undisguised expression of disappointment on his face. At first, the boy stared at Gu Yue with some urgent eyes, and his expression was confused and inexplicable. Later, he noticed the change of Gu Yue's expression, guessed that the other party might have mistaken him for someone else, and smiled at her with a good temper. Gu Yue pursed her lips and silently looked away, and then found something even worse for her-the car started again. So, she missed the next stop for a voice like five or six minutes. After getting off at the next stop, Gu Yue saw an eyesore at his feet and kicked the stone without thinking. After kicking, he took a deep breath and walked to Su Ting's house. As soon as Su Ting opened the door and saw her, she shouted,gear reduction motor, "Little Yue, when I called you, didn't you tell me that I was almost at the station?"? Why did you come so late? I thought you were on the way. I was worried for a long time. Gu Yue bent down to change the slippers handed over by the other party, "that didn't see you come out to pick me up." When Su Ting heard this, she took her shoulder unmoved and replied with a smile, "I believe you." The two chatted at the door, and Su Ting took Gu Yue to her room to see the two hamsters. The two hamsters were not kept in the same cage. Their fur color was coffee and white,Brushless Gear Motor, but their body shape was very obvious, one fat and one thin. These two were bought by Su Ting years ago, so Gu Yue is not the first time to see them. Which one are you going to give me? Gu Yue went over and took a look, and the two little guys were sleeping in a small nest in the cage. I'll give you Ah Kin. Su Ting gave them a simple and crude name, one gold and one silver. Kim is the chubby one. Compared with the slim Ah Yin, Gu Yue also prefers Ah Jin, and the chubby looks a little more cute. All right, tell me what you need to pay attention to. Su Ting smiled and drew a piece of color printing paper from her desk. She winked and said, "I've already prepared it for you. Here." Gu Yue took over and looked around from top to bottom, according to the above advice, it is not troublesome to take care of it. Basically, as long as you feed at a fixed point and clean up its nest, you don't need to take care of anything else. What are you doing at home these days? Or draw every day? Speaking of the word "painting", Su Ting looked disgusted, Small Geared Motors ,Planetary Gear Motor, "Xiao Yue, why did you go out to collect scenery, come back to stay at home or paint? I don't mind living in my twenties like a man in his seventies or eighties. Gu Yue glanced directly at the past: "I remember you said you wanted to lose ten pounds in the summer vacation, but now you are like this, it is a reverse development." "I am plump." Su Ting straightened her chest, "but then again, the new pastry shop on Yan'an Road is good, you must try the ice cream puff, and the original cheese, well, the creme brulee is also good." Gu Yue listened and laughed out loud, "then you take me to try next time?" "It has to come." Gu Yue raised the radian at the corners of his mouth and expanded a few minutes, and the gloom of the previous misheard voice finally cleared up at this moment. Su Ting and she chatted for a while, pulled her to the desk to open the notebook, while Amway: "Do you want to brush the base with me this summer?"? The characters are much more beautiful than the world in those days, and the scenery inside is also good. Don't you like to see the scenery? You can just keep a number to practice your life skills and enjoy the scenery. Gu Yue's eyes could not be checked, and he asked casually in his mouth: "Don't you play the world?" "I haven't played much since I left Tianxia San.". "Su Ting did not notice her strange, garrulous to say," a game will always be tired of playing for a long time, and in recent years the gang happened a lot of bad things, do not want to play. There happened to be a few gay friends who played well, and I felt not bad after playing for a while, so I planned to continue playing. Let me show you some screenshots of the game first, so that you can feel it. "Then the Bingxin I gave you." Didn't I tell you? My wife is good at the profession of wet nurse. Your Bingxin number will be used by my wife when it is raised to the full level. Su Ting is a tall girl with a height of 170. She looks like a beauty with an oval face, but when she talks to acquaintances, she always has two styles of painting with her face. Why did you suddenly ask about your Bingxin number? Do you want to return to the world? With that, Su Ting turned her head around, with some suspicion and curiosity in her eyes. Gu Yue calmly shook his head: "I thought Bingxin had been in your hands all the time, but now I hear that you don't play, so I want to ask where the account is." "My wife also transferred to the base three, Bing Xin's number, of course, is in the pit with our two accounts.". If you want to go back to play, I'll send you the changed password. "No, you don't play. It's not interesting for me to go back alone." "Then come to my big base three. There are all kinds of materials, and you can draw anything you want." This time, Gu Yue firmly refused. I almost forgot one thing. Su Ting just opened the famous Tongyou website, thinking of something suddenly raised some notes, "Yesterday I received Wang Jun's WeChat, he said that this weekend organized a reunion of classmates, many students agreed to go, let me call you to go together." Wang Jun was their monitor in the third year of high school, and he set up a class group in WeChat last year. Gu Yue although also in this group, but not long on the line,brushless gear motor, so, Wang Jun sent her a message did not receive a reply, let Su Ting convey the news of the party.