Get into trouble with the CEO and the superstar

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Get into trouble with the CEO and the superstarGet into trouble with the CEO and the superstar

In the morning, Miyamoto got up very early again. Only this time, the person he was waiting for had changed. He was waiting for Ling, waiting for her so nervously for the first time in seven years. In the past, she would call him with a smile and tell him softly that it was time to get up. He should have a talk with her! "Young master, Miss Ling has gone!" The servant trotted into the hall and reported. Miyamoto twisted his eyebrows and hurried out of the side hall. When he came to the villa, he saw that Rei Watanabe had already sat in the car. He took a step forward and shouted, "Ling!" Watanabe Ling turned to look at him, showing a smile, "strong, I have something to do, come back to see you!" "En!" Miyamoto is no longer what, but the heart is relieved. It seems that she is not angry, as before. Sure enough, it's still his Ling, no change! The mood is suddenly good. He watched as Watanabe drove away. I didn't turn around until the car was far away. Yi Er! "Turned around and saw Yi Pan Er behind him.". Yi Paner looked at him quietly and just said, "Good morning." "I'm waiting for you in the study of the side hall!" Miyamoto stood in the same place and sank his voice. " I know! "Yi Paner did not look back,juice filling machine, but in his heart he could not taste it.". She already knew that she had finally succeeded. Miyamoto accepted her thoroughly, and then she could enter the internal system smoothly and get the information. But why, she is not happy at all. Inexplicably heavy, pressing her almost unable to breathe. ※※※ "Knock-" "Come in!" The door of the study in the side hall was opened, and Yi Paner flashed in in silence. She walked to the desk and stopped, her hands hanging at her side,Vegetable oil filling machine, waiting quietly for him to follow. Miyamoto raised his head to look at her, his eyes shining with a bright light, "Yi Er, you come here!" She moved obediently to his side. Give me your hand! "Miyamoto held out his hand to her and motioned for her to put it in his palm.". Yi Paner did so, and his little hand hesitantly covered his big hand. He grabbed her hand and put it on some instrument. She looked sideways and found that it was an external terminal device connected to the computer. This device can recognize fingerprint input. Before the decryption, there was always a time limit. Now as long as she has this, she can go backstage freely! Yi Paner's heart suddenly jumped with joy, and she knew that she was about to return to him. Her hands warmed at the thought of coming back to him. From now on, you're really going to be mine. Miyamoto did not let go of her hand, but held it gently. His eyes were clear and clean, staring at her. "I hope you and Ling will not have any more disputes in the future and get along well.". I don't want to let go of either of you! "I don't know if you've heard a word, Miyamoto." Yi Paner whispered. He stopped talking and waited for her to continue. No woman wants to share a man with another woman! "I think now is not the time to talk about this, water filling machine ,CSD filling line, solve our current matter is the most critical!" Yi Paner changed the topic, no longer continue. At the same time, he moved his hand and tried to pull it away from him. But he clenched more tightly and said earnestly, "The present thing is really important, but you are also very important to me!" How important is it? So where do you love me? "Yi Paner gazed at him, she only felt that the man's feelings came too fast.". In her heart, love is hard to say, is unconscious, is the dribs and drabs. Where does he get so much confidence and fail a woman who has followed him for seven years? Miyamoto was stunned by her question, which he had never thought about. After pondering for a moment, he said blankly, "I'm sorry, you must ask me to answer what I love you, then I don't know.". But He put her hand on his chest and smiled. "But this place will beat because of you!" Love a person, must need a reason? Do you need it ? Yi Paner once asked someone the same question again, why do you love her. The man hugged her and bragged for countless reasons. He loved her irascibility, her bad temper, and her ability to fight. Having heard so much, she only listened with annoyance. He leaned close to her ear and said something like that. "Actually, I don't know." Because of the need to be loved, because of the need to be loved, these are just excuses to convince themselves. It's just that it's you in the dark, so you can't escape. My eyes are always wandering in your shadow. Because there's no way not to see you. At this moment, Yi Paner looked at Miyamoto and suddenly softened his expression. Through his method, he saw the existence of another person. ※※※ The weather was very sunny, with occasional white clouds floating by. Watanabe drove the car alone to a secluded park, with a document bag on the passenger seat. The dark yellow document bag seemed to be wrapped in something confidential. Her expression was cold and resolute as never before. He held the steering wheel tightly with both hands and looked ahead impartially. The car pulled into the park and stopped at the wide marble square. Several figures suddenly flashed on the steps ahead, two men in black suits and a middle-aged woman in kimono. The three of them were walking slowly towards the car, getting closer and closer. Although it was still a bright afternoon, the atmosphere suddenly became eerie. Watanabe picked up the document, then opened the door and got out of the car. When the three of them came up to her, she smiled and said, "Mammy, long time no see!" Miss Watanabe, long time no see! This way "!" Said Miyo, gentle and polite, folding her hands in front of her and bowing slightly. Watanabe nodded and followed Miyo in the direction they had just come. She grasped the document bag in her hand, and her eyes flashed with some hesitation. It was just that every scene in the past came to her mind,water bottle packaging machine, and finally everything happened yesterday, and that sentence made her heart freeze. "You let me down." You're not the only one who's disappointed. You let me down, too. You let me down.