The Wind Comes to a Different World [Finished] Author: Blue Collar Xiaoxiaosheng.txt

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The WinThe Wind Comes to a Different World [Finished] Author: Blue Collar Xiaoxiaosheng.txtd Comes to a Different World [Finished] Author: Blue Collar Xiaoxiaosheng.txt

See Ling Feng's leap. Everyone felt a kind of inexplicable shock, although I had heard that Ling Feng would be a very strange martial arts skill like a bird flying, but when I really saw it, I found that it was more magical than I believed, but also to shock. That kind of elegant in the air, that kind of natural, is simply you can not imagine, not to say that people can do, even birds flying in the air can not do. But the shock soon disappeared in everyone's mind, because now is not the time. It was replaced by the question of what he was going to do. Yes. What are you doing on the roof for no reason, carrying strange things, everyone thought to themselves. Wait, something weird? That can't be a magic guide! Magic guide cannon? Hey, you don't want to blow out the phoenix wings, do you? You will destroy the whole city of rosefinch. Not to mention whether it will hurt innocent people by mistake, even Huang Zhi shirt is likely to be hurt by you by mistake. Che, would I do that? Ling Feng would only sniff at the idea. But if there was such a need, he would not consider bombing the city directly with magic cannons. When everyone was confused, Ling Feng opened his mouth and said a word in the air, and although the voice of this sentence was low, it was clearly transmitted to everyone's ears, and this sentence was. Everyone listen, cover your ears and don't ask why. Just do it, or don't come to me if there are any consequences. Cover your ears? What do you mean? Ao Wuxue suddenly remembered one thing. He found that he had seen Ling Feng's magic guide once, so he immediately covered his ears and shouted: "Everyone cover your ears quickly, don't think about anything else." Reminded by Ao Wuxue again, although it is not clear why, most people have covered their ears, except for a few people who disdain to listen to Ling Feng. But these people will soon regret, why not stop Ling Feng's words, covering their ears. As soon as Ling Feng landed, no, as soon as he landed on the roof, he immediately used the magic guide in his hand, that is, the speaker that had been used once, to send out super-strong sound waves. All of a sudden, half of the rosefinch city, there was the same situation as the last Tianxiang Imperial City, and everyone heard a voice. Feng Yi, you are surrounded. Come out and surrender! This sentence let everyone do not understand for a while, but smart people quickly react to come over, Ling Feng this is a delaying tactic, can temporarily prevent the behavior of the Phoenix Wing. This sentence in other people's ears may be just an inexplicable words, but in the Phoenix Wing. It's not the same. He will think that he has been discovered here, and he will put aside what is going on and see the situation. If he found no one outside, not only will not rest assured, but more suspicious, because Ling Feng's voice since it can reach their ears, it must not be far from their own. He would not have thought that Ling Feng had a magic guide that could amplify the sound, nor would he have thought that half of Suzaku City could hear the sound, not the small area he was in. Therefore, in a short period of time, he will think about the present form, Silver Travertine Slabs ,Artificial Marble Slabs, what is going on, as for Huang Zhi shirt, he can only put aside first, in this case, how can he have the energy to deal with her. And at the scene of the banquet, under the influence of Ling Feng's ground-breaking voice, everyone's ears are buzzing, this is still the case that they have covered their ears, if not covered, I really do not know what it will be like. Er, no, there were several people at the scene who did not cover their ears, only to see a trace of blood in their ears. They must have been unable to hear any sound recently. After Ling Feng shouted this sentence, he immediately flew down and came to the front of Huang Zhi Xin, grabbed Huang Zhi Xin's hand, holding it in the palm of his hand, and stood there without saying a word. Huang Zhi heart face immediately red up, staring at Ling Feng, do not understand why Ling Feng would do such an intimate action. If it is an ordinary moment, everyone will only laugh at this, thinking that the relationship between Ling Feng and Huang Zhixin has gone a step further, but at this time, everyone is a little strange, strange Ling Feng is still like this at this time. I thought Ling Feng would just let go or talk for a while at most, but after waiting for a long time, I didn't see him take any action, and he still stood there, holding Huang Zhixin's hand without moving. Hey, Long Tian, don't grab me like this. Now go to save Zhi Shan. Huang Zhixin couldn't help saying, and then she added in a low voice: "You can catch whatever you like in the future, as long as you like." “……” Ling Feng still did not reply. See Ling Feng so, Huang Zhi heart also have no way, had to wait quietly. After a while, Ling Feng finally had a movement, said: "OK!"! Huang Zhixin, come with me! “??” Before Huang Zhi Xin wanted to understand Ling Feng's words, he was already holding Huang Zhi Xin in Ling Feng's arms and flying away from the yard at an unimaginable speed. All of a sudden, Ling Feng from extremely static to extremely dynamic, so that everyone can not react for a while, are staring at Ling Feng's back quickly disappeared in their own line of sight. While Ling Feng left, a purple shadow passed by everyone's eyes and followed Ling Feng's figure away! No need to ask, the purple shadow belongs to Betty. Get after them! Emperor rosefinch quickly reacted, Ling Feng such action, that he must be to find the location of Huang Zhi shirt, although I do not know what he is using, but now is not the time to consider these. No matter how special method Ling Feng used, it is not important, the important thing is that he can find Huang Zhi shirt. At this time, the rosefinch emperor has regardless of his identity, a flying body like Ling Feng chasing, and he is so, not to mention other people, especially the phoenix night day, is the first to bear the brunt. However, their speed is still a little slower than a person, before them, is a shadow in the past,Agate Slabs Countertops, only to see a girl with a bow to catch up with Ling Feng at a speed that ordinary people can not imagine. And people with good eyesight can see who this girl is, that is, the elf who has just been in the rest area.