Wear back to the big brother's youth [wear the book]

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Wear bWear back to the big brother's youth [wear the book]ack to the big brother's youth [wear the book]

"I can't stop you even if you die. Think for yourself. I'll wait for you at the hotel." Huo Chuan dropped this sentence and left. He knew that the boy would figure out that the Huo family was thin and cool in their bones. Chen Huan felt that the night was too long. She may still be happy, but he won't. She once saw the whole world through her, but now she abandoned the whole world because of the same person. It should be said that he was abandoned by the world, and his eyes touched the darkness. Then he, too, was consumed by darkness. I don't know how long it took, but it gradually lit up around me. The sun still rises as usual, and nothing has changed. Sunshine belongs to anyone but him. He waited all night, but he didn't wait for her to change her mind. Chen Huan understood that even without him in the world, everyone would live their own lives normally. I can't just die. Chen Huan said to himself in his heart. His face was expressionless, and he was neither sad nor happy at this moment. He just hates the world. He had long been accustomed to the darkness, and if he had not seen the sun, there would be no hope. Only now, he did not know how long it would take to get out of the haze, or the sunshine given by that person. He won't die without them, but how will he live? He finally had no expectation of the world. He felt as if he had pulled out his heart and lungs in pain. From then on, he was a man without a heart. ——— Jiang Heng asked for two days off,Porcelain Marble Slabs, and when he returned to school, Chen Huan disappeared. He didn't take anything with him. It just evaporated. Jiang Heng passes a class every day and sees the empty seat. No one will ever stand up from that position and walk towards himself again. When I think about it, I can't even breathe smoothly. She can't live past twenty-five, she can't die now, and she can't have a car accident and forget the last two or three years. So I can only cheer myself up every day. Jiang Heng said to himself every day, once a minute, 60 times a minute,Slate Wall Panel, to 1440 times, then the day passed. Actually, it's not very difficult. I'm sorry I owe you so much, and I'll never have a chance to pay it back. I promised to cook a good meal for you, but there is no chance. Chen dog is still very cunning, he only left a month, Jiang Jue two years of tears are made up. The meat that had been raised with great difficulty had disappeared, and I was sorry for the chickens, ducks, fish and geese that had died for her. After the college entrance examination, the school invites outstanding graduates to give speeches. Jiang Heng was lucky enough to be on the list, but she had nothing to do anyway, Carrara Marble Slab ,Agate Slabs For Sale, so she went. After all, she is special and a model for poor students to become excellent students. Director Xiao stood on the stage and said with a smile, "Your senior sister Jiang Heng used to be very naughty, and her mind was not on learning. Fortunately, she woke up in time and was admitted to the Conservatory of Music as the first one." There was a round of applause below. Jiang Heng vaguely remembered the scene when he started school three years ago, when Chen Huan was standing next to her, wearing headphones and not speaking. She didn't know at that time that she would like someone so much. Director Xiao asked again, "Jiang Heng, you are now in college. Can you share with the younger students what you want to do most?" Jiang Heng thought, "I want to buy spring clothes for a few years next year." I heard that many clothes are released two quarters ahead of schedule. She wants to buy a famous brand of Gaoding, the kind of expensive, a hundred thousand, so maybe she can't bear to die. If she can live safely until next spring, she will wear a famous brand to find him and scare Chen Dog to death. It was she who broke up with him, but he left without even saying goodbye. She hated him for being so cruel. Jiang Heng thought that Chen Huan was really not fastidious about clothes, she bought him one or two hundred ordinary goods, who let him wear anything good-looking, dress up beautiful is not more attractive. But it's expensive for her to buy her own dress. She wants to buy expensive clothes for him now, after all, the university should wear better, but the person disappeared. Director Xiao was a little surprised. Is that the answer? No ideals at all! He asks again: "What do you have to say to senior schoolgirl then?" "Be serious in class, work hard and don't have puppy love. There are many handsome seniors waiting for you in the university, but maybe you will find that high school is the best when you are admitted to the university." Just like him, some are stubborn, some are unreasonable, and some are your children. But looking back now, it's like eating chocolate every day. When she finally had enough chocolate to show off to the world, she was suddenly taken away. The students below began to heckle, and Jiang Heng ran away laughing before the teaching director got angry. But when she laughed, she wanted to cry a little. Jiang Heng knew that he was finished, and that his bad habit of crying was fighting back in an all-round way. He was afraid that there was no cure. As long as his brain was empty, he would be cranky, and his whole body seemed to be emptied. The movie is ugly, and the shop you like seems to taste different. She forced herself to live like a normal person, but in the dead of night, she couldn't help typing the number she knew by heart. I just can't hear his voice anymore. Jiang Wei just walked out of the school gate and the phone rang. When she saw the call reminder, she was somewhat disappointed. Xu Chi's guys came back from vacation and asked her to go to the zoo today. Jiang Heng looked up at the sun. "What's good about the zoo? Is the rabbit as cute as the wild dog?"? Does the little monkey look better than the wild dog? Does the little tiger have the kindness of the wild dog? Is the little leopard as cute as a wild dog? None of them! I'm not going! What am I going to do? None of the animals could compare with him, and she finally couldn't help crying. In fact, wild dogs are really good at everything. The only disadvantage is that if you loosen the rope, you will run away. Without looking back. It seems that youth has come to an abrupt end on the day when the other party disappears. So as soon as she thought of it,Calacatta Quartz Slab, she wanted to cry. The author has something to say: This chapter is not abusive, right? One chapter is the transition. Chapter 63 Jiang Heng did not know how long he had been squatting on the ground until he was unconscious of blood circulation. Then she knew that the man would never come back. She said let's break up, and he said yes. And then completely disappeared.