Sin City _ Misty Rain Jiangnan _ txt Novel Paradise

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Sin City _ Misty Rain Jiangnan _ txt Novel ParadiseSin City _ Misty Rain Jiangnan _ txt Novel Paradise

But Richard sighed and shook his head in front of everyone, and was the first to exclude Io. Faro is Richard's headquarters, his foundation, and there is no room for any omission. So in the choice of guard generals, loyalty is the first element, as for ability, passable on the line. Richard did not want to be able to open up territory, as long as he did not lose it. In a major battle, he must come back to take charge of the overall situation. The second candidate, however, is quicksand. Apart from the fact that the girl was not as good as Io in commanding the battle, Lee could not see that she was any worse than Io. But quicksand is a girl who often creates miracles. She just hasn't commanded a large-scale battle. If she is allowed to exercise for a period of time, maybe there will be another generation of famous generals. As for the local battlefield, just think that she can often add shields or life regeneration to her soldiers at the moment before the enemy's weapons fall, you can see how keen and accurate her judgment is. It seems to be overqualified to let a God to be a generation of famous generals. But Richard took a deep look at the quicksand and decided to take her with him. Sometimes when you make a decision, you can't just think about reason. Richard just wants to take her with him, without reason. See Richard's eyes move to the next person, quicksand lips floating on a shallow smile, is very happy and satisfied. Finally, Richard had a tough decision. He pointed to Gund and said,digital whiteboard price, "Gund!"! You stay! Gund immediately jumped up. "What?"? Chief! This is not okay! How could you leave me in this godforsaken place? You see, there is no war at all! Just leave Aurral here. He's got a way with noble ladies. No doubt Richard pointed to Gund and said, "That's you!"! Oral will come with me, and I will leave Io to you. The smile of the battle oracle solidified in an instant, and Huodi stood up. Just as he was about to object, the quicksand beside him suddenly coughed. Io's expression stiffened. He turned to look at the quicksand and saw that the maiden of God was looking at her left fingernail in a trance. Her hands are long and strong, her nails are smooth and round,facial recognization camera, they are perfect, and there is nothing to be touched. What do you think, Io? Richard asked lightly, but there was a faint fierce light in his eyes. Kidding! Richard defeated Io in hand-to-hand combat last time, and now he has come back from the absolute battlefield. The whole person's understanding of killing power has gone up to a higher level. As long as Io dares to provoke, he will fight once. However, to Richard's surprise, Io sat back in place with a depressed face and said, "I have no idea." There was no way for Richard to vent his courage. He was stunned and then said, "All right!" In a flash, Io remembered the most real threat of quicksand: to recreate a female battle God, instead of raising his level limit to 18. What worries Io is that the combined effect of two 16-level battle gods must be more than that of an 18-level battle God. The problem is that Io is a special one. It's just that the cruel reality makes Io understand that the special one sometimes doesn't work, and the quicksand that holds his upgrade deadline is the really special one. Just when Io had to put down his glorious pride and submit to reality, the quicksand sitting beside him thought, face recognition identification kiosk ,interactive kiosk price, "This guy is finally honest.". Hum! Don't think it's useful to be honest. Next time I'll make a female battle God! Richard arranged for Gund and Io to remain on the Faro Plane and gave Gund supreme command. At the same time, Richard quietly established communication with the Brood, and when he was not there, if there was a conflict between Gund and Io, the combat units of the Brood would obey Gund. This constitutes a double insurance. With a thousand human knights armed to the teeth alone, Gund could defeat an army of nobles several times over head-on. And the Archimonde warriors, foot knights, and mages that Richard brought from Norland would all take orders from Gund. As a fellow follower, the necromancer Sandru was also left behind, and he naturally sided with Gund. In the same room, at the same moment, Richard, quicksand and Io have their own ideas and arrangements, only Io is passive. Having arranged everything, Richard wrote a letter to the Grey Wolf Duke, mentioning that he would be away for some time, but would be back in six months. At present, among his allies, big and small, the Grey Wolf Duke is more reliable. Then Richard decided to return to Norland in seven days. Seven days were necessary for scheduling and preparation, while Richard took the time to meditate on improving magic and study improving magic. In a few months, Richard will be promoted to the fourteenth rank, equaling Io in rank. In addition to meditation, Richard also did not relax the construction, since the battlefield line, Richard and inspiration, and finally successfully completed the obscure mood, and find a night to tattoo this construction on the waist and ribs of quicksand. With the completion of the construction drawing, the two vigorous young men and women will naturally not waste the night. The battle was fierce that night. Richard rose first and then declined. Finally, he fell to the bottom of the valley and was eaten up by quicksand. Two days before returning to Norland, Richard decided to give himself a little relaxation, so he chose a dusk to walk around the camp at will. Walking near the residence of Viscount Shim, Richard suddenly heard a loud and unbridled laugh, which was so penetrating and recognizable that even Richard would immediately want to turn around and run away. Not only Richard, but any great nobleman of the Redwood Kingdom, including the three dukes, would have a headache when he heard the laughter. Because the laughter belongs to Countess Ekaterina. Richard immediately turned to go, and suddenly a tall, expressionless young woman appeared in front of him. Dressed in a military uniform and with a face of classical beauty, she was the Countess's first confidant, Anna. Richard was no stranger to Anna, who had led the Countess's army in the first two campaigns of the Longitudinal Line. The combination of Anna's youth and beauty, and her ability to lead troops in battle, made her stand out among the nobles. But if we look at it separately,smart whiteboard price, there is nothing. August is about to pass half, time can not be wasted, blood must be boiling! Then let's bet!.