The Dark Gobi of Xinjiang Secret Exploration Record _ Leng Canhe

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The Dark Gobi of Xinjiang Secret Exploration Record _ Leng CanheThe Dark Gobi of Xinjiang Secret Exploration Record _ Leng Canhe

The matter of the underground museum is even more strange. After the explosion of the underground museum, the person in charge of Yiwu Public Security No.1, who is directly responsible for the security of the museum, submitted his resignation letter to his superiors. His body was later found in Naomao Lake, with a gunshot wound to the forehead, and the autopsy showed that he had committed suicide. Along the line from Yiwu to Hami, many officials who used to provide convenience for the underground museum were directly bribed by the No.1 public security figure. After he died, the line was completely broken. The behind-the-scenes organization revealed the truth, immediately abandoned the car to protect the commander in chief, cut off the truth, the real behind-the-scenes mastermind hid very deep, no trace was revealed, even Dr. Tian was a little powerless. yuan Sen listened to Wang Hui's news report and became extremely desperate for a moment. When Dr. Tian ordered a thorough investigation, he seemed to have a vague feeling that the behind-the-scenes organization was so powerful that it seemed to know everything and was as slippery as a loach. Once it noticed something, it could get out of the game immediately. Facts proved his premonition. yuan Sen suddenly had a feeling of general weakness. Wang Hui added: "In addition, we also investigated the information of Yao Lebos." yuan Sen listens to Wang Hui's tone, seems to have another mystery,temperature scanning kiosks, then asks: "How is the situation?" Wang Hui said: "Yao Lebos died of illness in Taiwan in 1971, and his descendants later emigrated to the United States and could not be contacted.". But we found a clue that the captain of the guard during the rebellion of Yao Lebo was still in Yiwu, and he was still alive. "Captain of the Guard?" Wang Hui heard yuan Sen's misgivings and said, "Yao Lebosi is suspicious by nature. When he rests, even his son Xiao Daohong and his wife Liao Yongqiu can't get close to him, but the captain of the guard can add clothes and cover for him. He is a friend of life and death.". Yao Lebos went to a lot of trouble to find the place where X civilization was buried,information kiosk price, and he should need the help of the captain of the guard. Wang Hui's statement was well-founded, and yuan Sen saw hope from it. He said to Wang Hui, "Then what are we waiting for? Hurry to Yiwu to find the captain of Yao Lebosi's guard." "It's ready," said Wang Hui. "The car is outside. You can pack up and set off." According to Wang Hui, the old man is more than eighty years old and lives in the ancient city of Lafuchok near Yiwu, which is the city where some Loulan people moved after the destruction of Loulan. When yuan Sen heard that Bulunjiapu lived in the ancient city of Nazhi, he felt a sense of foreboding in his heart. He was too sensitive to the ancient city. In other words, everything related to Loulan people could stimulate him. When it was getting dark, they arrived at a village called Sibao in Wubao Township, Hami City. The ancient city was on the edge of the village. In the car, they saw a dazzling light in the village, and the thousand-year-old city behind the village was quiet and serene, smart interactive whiteboard ,touch screen kiosk, as if it was covered with black veil by the night, lifeless. yuan Sen got out of the car and knocked on the door of the village imam's house. After explaining the purpose of their visit, the imam warmly entertained them with a meal and served them with milk tea after the meal. Everyone ate and drank enough, and the Imam led them through the village to the back of the village. yuan Sen flashed his flashlight, and an ancient city in ruins appeared under the flashlight. The city was full of broken walls, rammed earth walls crisscrossed, and the streets in the middle of the houses were so dusty that the dirt and dust could submerge the instep. The villagers of Sibao Village also enclosed many orchards in the ancient city, one by one, green leaves and grey walls set off each other, in the interlacing of flashlight and boundless night, it is even more decadent and ancient. yuan Sen couldn't believe that this ancient city like ruins was actually the last hometown of Loulan people. Today, there are two ancient cities in Lafchok, which are divided into a new city and an old city. The two cities are juxtaposed in the shape of Lu, crossing a poplar river in the middle. The clear water flows slowly between the two cities. By the river, you can see the collapsed ancient walls standing in the water. The flashlight swept, and the abrupt grey walls were like giant beasts emerging in the river. Bulungapu lives in a nest in the ancient city of Ravchok. He has been living here for decades, growing a small orchard near the water and living on his own. In his early years, he fled to Sibao Village and lived in a dilapidated house in the ancient city. The villagers believed in God and treated people kindly. No one drove him away. Seeing that he was old, he went to help him from time to time. Later, the dilapidated house was washed away by the rain and collapsed. With the help of the villagers, Bulunjiapu dug a spacious nest on the spot. He lived alone in the nest for many years, and usually did not associate with other villagers. He was always regarded as a strange man. The imam knocked on the door of the nest, and Bulunjiapu came out with an oil lamp. The imam briefly introduced yuan Sen to him, and Bulunjiapu led them into the nest. The light of the oil lamp shone on Bulungapu's face. His hair was all white, his face was withered, and his eyes were dull. He was an ordinary old man who you would never look at again in the crowd. Had it not been known in advance, yuan Sen himself would not have believed that this ordinary old man would have been the life and death brother of Yao Lebos, who had been in Hami for decades, and the captain of his bodyguard. Perhaps Yao Lebos could find the place where X civilization was buried and get his help. There was a foul smell in the nest, and as soon as Bahar Guli came in, she covered her nose tightly and looked like she was going to cry. yuan Sen came straight to the point and said, "Hello, Captain of the Bulungapu Guard!" Bulungapu was stupefied for a moment. He stared at yuan Sen for a minute before he slowly sat down on the wooden stool and said, "It's been half a century. I almost forgot that I used to be the captain of Yao Lebosi's guard." yuan Sen smiled at him and sat down beside him. Kangbasa closed the door of the nest. Bulunjiapu lit a Mohe cigarette and exhaled a smoke ring. yuan Sen said, "We came here this time to learn something about Yao Lebos from you." Bulungapu glanced at yuan Sen and said, "Ask me. I won't live long. I'll tell you what I know." yuan Sen nodded and said, "When did you and Yao Lebos separate?"? It is said that you are brothers of life and death. Yao Lebos only believes in one person in his life, and that is you. Bulungapu's withered eyes brightened a little,interactive whiteboard prices, and he said, "Yao Lebos is a warrior, and I only work for warriors." 。