The article holds that our current vision

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The article holds that our current vision The article holds that our current vision The article holds that our current vision The article holds that our current vision

The monitoring system received a series of noteworthy information, which was interpreted by the computer and found to be several satellite photographs, which were very blurred. Send it to the General Staff Bureau of Surveying and Mapping for interpretation. They were all found to be important targets in our territory, including photos of Qingdao Military Port and several key military enterprises on the third line. After analysis, it is confirmed that these photos are from HK9 (KH9?) Reconnaissance satellite, the first KH9, has just completed its test launch, mainly transmitting intelligence by means of film capsule recovery. However, more advanced radio digital transmission experiments are also being carried out. Due to the immature technology and low transmission frequency, the information leakage is large and can be received by the Red Bank system. Because it is a test transmission, the encryption level is low and can be cracked, which is undoubtedly the most important surveillance object and a rare opportunity to understand the US space reconnaissance system. But on the third day, Yang Weining actually ordered the transfer of monitoring frequency and direction, leaving the target,silk cherry blossom tree, Ye Wenjie always felt that this was incomprehensible. Another thing shocked her: although she was in the monitoring department, there were still some things she was asked to do in the launch department. Once, she accidentally saw the frequency setting of the future launch plan, and found that in the 304th, 318th and 325th launches,fake blossom tree, the determined launch frequency was lower than the microwave range, and it was impossible to produce any thermal effect on the target. That day, someone suddenly informed Ye Wenjie to go to the base headquarters office, from the tone and look of the officer, Ye Wenjie felt different. After entering the office, a familiar scene appeared: the main leaders of the base were present, and two unknown officers, who looked like people from a higher level department, were all focused on her with cold eyes. But the sensitivity formed by so many years of ups and downs tells her that the unlucky person today may not be her, she is at most a funerary object. She saw Commissar Lei Zhicheng sitting in a corner with a gloomy look. He finally had to pay the price for his trust in me. This was the first thought that came to Ye Wenjie's mind. She made up her mind in an instant that in order not to implicate Commissar Lei, artificial coconut palm trees ,artificial plant wall panels, she must take the matter to herself, even at the expense of lying. But she did not expect that the first person to open his mouth was Lei Zhengwei, and his words were completely beyond his expectation. Ye Wenjie, first of all, I declare that I do not agree to do so. The following decision was made by Chief Engineer Yang after consulting his superiors. He will take full responsibility for the consequences. Then he took a look at Yang Weining, who nodded solemnly. "In order to better play your role in the Red Bank base, these days, after Chief Engineer Yang repeatedly asked for instructions from his superiors, the comrades sent by the Political Department of the branch of the armed forces also learned about your work." He pointed to the two unfamiliar officers. "With the consent of his superiors, we decided to tell you the true situation of the Red Bank project." After a long time, Ye Wenjie understood the meaning of Commissar Lei's words: He has been deceiving her! I hope you will cherish this opportunity. Work hard and atone for your sins. In the future, you are only allowed to be honest at the base, and you are not allowed to talk or act indiscriminately. Any reactionary behavior will be punished most severely. Commissar Lei stared at Ye Wenjie and said in a harsh voice that he seemed to be a new person compared with Ye Wenjie's eyes before. "Do you understand?"? Chief Engineer Yang, please introduce the Red Bank Project to you. Others left one after another, leaving only Yang Weining and Ye Wenjie in the office. If you don't agree, it's not too late. Yang Weining said. Ye Wenjie knew the weight of this and understood Yang Weining's impatience when he saw her these days. In order to give full play to her talent at the base, she must know the real situation of the Red Bank Project, but this means that Ye Wenjie's last hope of getting out of the radar peak will no longer exist. The Red Bank base will be the ultimate destination of her life. I agree Ye Wenjie gently. But firmly. So, in this early summer evening, amid the roar of giant antennas in the wind and the sound of pines in the Great Hinggan Mountains in the distance, Yang Weining told Ye Wenjie about the real Red Bank Project, which is a more incredible myth of the times than Lei Zhicheng's lies. The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin "Ural Science Fiction Network" ARK Project Archive, website: www. Wulali. Info 13. Red Bank III Some documents of the Red Bank Project were declassified three years after Ye Wenjie told Wang Miao about the inside story of the Red Bank. I. a Neglected Important Issue in the Trend of Basic Scientific Research in the World (originally published in Internal Reference 196) Abstract: From the perspective of modern and contemporary history, there are two modes of transforming the achievements of scientific basic theory research into practical technology: gradual type and mutation type. Gradual type: basic theoretical achievements are gradually transformed into applied technologies, technologies are gradually accumulated, and finally breakthroughs are made. Recent examples are developments and breakthroughs in aerospace technology. Mutant type: basic theoretical achievements are rapidly transformed into practical technologies. Produce technological mutations. The most recent example is the advent of nuclear weapons. Until the 1940s, some of the best physicists believed that the release of atomic energy would never be possible. However, nuclear weapons suddenly appear in a very short time, and the transformation from basic science to applied technology spans a very long time, which we define as technological mutation. At present, the basic research of NATO and the Warsaw Pact Group is unprecedentedly active and has a huge investment. So one or more technology mutations can happen at any time, which will pose a major threat to my strategic planning. The article holds that our current vision is mainly focused on the gradual development of technology,faux ficus tree, but not enough attention has been paid to the possible technological mutations. A complete set of strategies and principles should be formulated from a strategic perspective to deal with technological mutations correctly. The article lists the areas where technology mutations are most likely to occur: 1. Physics [omitted] 2. Biology: [omitted] 3. Computer Science: [omitted] 4. Search for alien civilizations: This is the most variable field among all the possibilities of technological mutations, and it is very likely to produce a sudden breakthrough. Once a technological mutation in this field occurs, its influence will exceed the sum of the technological mutations in the above three fields. [Full text] omitted.