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I don't know the other characters in the game, but for the front of Star Wars, Everyone is familiar with OSS.

In the racing game just now, Li Xiaoli and Quan Zhilong did not choose vehicles, but used the default racing car at the beginning to do a duel, but now the fighting game is different, after entering the game interface, the whole version of the characters waiting to be chosen is a bit eye-catching. Which one do I choose, oppa? Looked for a long time, Jessica did not make a decision, she is also a little too careful, afraid to choose a naturally weak angle s sè. Brother-in-law, can't say oh, otherwise even foul ~! Before Li Jingyuan opened his mouth, the little crystal shouted aside and blocked his words. All right, all right, I won't say it. Smiling first, Li Jingyuan agreed to the little crystal. Li Jingyuan also felt that there was no need to be too careful in this duel, so he said to Jessica: "Oh, anyway, you don't have any skills. You can choose whatever you want. Isn't there a saying called Lu Lu à n move to kill the old master? Wait a minute and you press a little faster." Li Jingyuan's "Lu luàn move" is not unreasonable. In the history of "We Got Married", there was actually a video game duel between Seo Hyun and Jung Yong and the couple on the train. At that time, the two were playing "Iron Fist", and Xu Xian chose a big kangaroo, which killed Zheng Ronghe's chosen horn s sè with a luluàn move after pressing the button. Oh, then I'll take my pick. Since Li Jingyuan said so, Jessica did not care. Without knowing which character is more powerful, Jessica's criteria for choosing characters have also changed. To put it simply, she is ready to choose which character is good-looking and powerful. Choose this. Choose this. Li Jingyuan, the senior, was not easy to talk to, and the other girls were not stopped. When Jessica was choosing, the other girls of Captain Jiang were helping to give advice and reference. While watching the pictures on TV, they kept recommending to Jessica. What's so good about it? It's so ugly, isn't it? "How imposing this big man is,shuttle rack system, and you can see that the weapon in his hand is so long that he must have an advantage." The game that Jessica two sisters want to fight is not "iron fist", also not 2D screen "king of fighters" and so on, but another very famous game, called "soul power 4", in this game, all the horns have their own weapons, in this point, and other fighting games are slightly different. Girls who don't understand the game are now not only discussing the possible advantages of weapons, but also analyzing the height of each corner of the game. Listening to them say words like arm span and control range, Li Jingyuan can't help laughing. Hey, hey, you think those people are n Player a? Does a tall man with a long arm necessarily have an advantage? So tall, don't you think his movements will be very slow? Li Jingyuan complained to the girls, but did not think that these girls were very serious nodded instead. Right, n The same is true of a players. If they are too tall, they will move slowly. "All right, industrial racking systems ,heavy duty cantilever racks, don't say that, Xiuyan, you can pick whatever you want.". I also do not say much, tell you a small trick mmén, generally speaking, in fighting games, all the characters that look strange have one or two unique skills. What Li Jingyuan said is quite reasonable. Indeed, in fighting games, the weird characters are generally created by the game studio. In order to make these characters popular with players, they will naturally make some small adjustments, so that they are born with some advantages to make up for the lack of appearance. Either one of the common moves is very shameless, or the ccào of the big move is relatively simple. Is it? I see. After listening to Li Jingyuan's words, Jessica immediately changed a selection criteria, if just now she was picking the beautiful nv, then now she is picking the ugly man. "I've chosen, hey, sister, haven't you chosen yet?" While Jessica is still making a choice, the little crystal on the side has already chosen his own character first. Poof!! Ha ha, Xiujing, what did you choose? Everyone could not help laughing when they saw the angle s sè chosen by the little crystal. The girl chose a strange character, but it was a character familiar to everyone present, and it turned out to be Yoda from Star Wars. Yoda is a special character in soul power 4, only X Only available for ox360 version.) I don't know the other characters in the game, but for the front of Star Wars, Everyone is familiar with OSS. In particular, Liu Zaishi and Jiang Hudong, two middle-aged people, were even more excited after seeing this role. If other roles were contemporary with young people, then this Yoda was undoubtedly of their time. Ha ha, Xiujing, why did you choose him? Smiling, he gave a thumbs-up to Little Crystal and asked, "Liu Zaishi also felt a little strange. He really couldn't figure out why a girl like Little Crystal chose Yoda, who looked old, small and ugly." Uncle Shi, I also came back from the United States. Small crystal first said a sentence, the meaning is very simple, that is to say, she is also one of those star wars mi in the United States, and then changed the subject, and immediately said a reason to burst into laughter: "Yoda's stature is so small, the target is small, of course, it is not easy to be cut ah.". Think about it, if my sister chooses a big man, and then he swings sideways like this, I, Yoda, don't have to hide, the weapon must swing over his head. "Yes, ha!"! You are really good. This time, not only Liu Zaishi,cantilever racking system, but also the rest of Captain Liu gave a thumbs-up to Little Crystal. Hey hey, I am very clever ~! When the little crystal saw that everyone praised him so much, she immediately stuck up her tail and said with a proud smile.