A good taste in a foreign land

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Although the ground of the arena is made of hard rock, the scabbard is still easily inserted into it.

The long knife used in the torture knife is quite different from the ordinary knife. It is two or three times as long as an ordinary knife. If ordinary people use such a long knife, they will hurt themselves because of the bad operation. However, the unusually long knife was in the hands of the punishment knife. But they are as obedient as their arms and fingers. Looking coldly at the head of the poisonous giant who had been split in two by his own knife, the knife answered his question: "Because Zhang Yu is my gladiatorial opponent, I will not allow him to die in the hands of others before I fight with him." The poisonous giant smiled miserably. He opened his mouth and tried to speak, but in the end he didn't. So he closed his eyes and died. When the poisonous giant died, his doppelgangers who were constantly attacking around Zhang Yu. Also lost the strength to support, one after another fell to the ground, turned into a piece of ordinary carrion, a chirp, fell to pieces. Poison demon giant used this move desperately, so it was cracked by a knife of torture. Zhang Yu looked at the knife in surprise. Although before Zhang Yu to the strength of the knife, already have some understanding. But although I knew that the knife was very strong, I didn't expect him to be so strong. A knife. It was only a knife that killed the poisonous giant! And. Or incarnate in countless poisonous giants! Does this mean the strength of the torture knife. Is already far above the poisonous giant? If that is really the case,shuttle rack system, Zhang Yu wants to fight with him again, I am afraid it is ominous. Perhaps from Zhang Yu's eyes, I read Zhang Yu's inner thoughts. Although the knife is still cold as a knife, but he took the initiative to solve the doubts in Zhang Yu's heart, "No matter what skills he uses, his head is the most critical place for him.". As long as he could split his head in two with one blow,asrs warehouse, even if he had great ability, he could not use it. I'm not better than him, just because when he's not looking, I split him with lightning speed. If I go head-to-head with him, I'm afraid it's hard to hit his head. Besides, I will be bound by the poison he has released. "So that's it." Zhang Yu was slightly stupefied, and then laughed. Zhang Yu did not expect that the knife was so honest that he honestly explained the reason to him. Zhang Yu couldn't help saying in his heart, "This knife is really a friend worth making.." The knife looked up and down at Zhang Yu, his eyes flashing with different colors. He said, "I didn't expect that after the first battle with the poisonous giant, warehouse pallet racks ,push back racking system, your body and strength were not only not damaged, but also strengthened.". I was going to let you rest for a few days and then fight again. But now it seems that there is no need for that. Why don't we take advantage of the present and fight ahead of time? Zhang Yu also wants to see the knife skill of this punishment knife, to what extent it has reached. So he smiled and nodded and said, "That's what I mean.". But I do have a suggestion. "What advice?" The knife asked coldly. Zhang Yu said with a smile, "I think you are a very good person, and you are a friend worth making.". After this fight, win or lose, I hope I can make a friend with you. Xing Dao was stunned, and he did not expect Zhang Yu to say such a request. Zhang Yu's request seemed to touch something in the heart of the knife. After a moment of silence, Xing Dao shook his head slowly and refused Zhang Yu's suggestion: "No need!"! I have no friends! And you don't need friends! Zhang Yu felt some regret, but looking at the expression of the knife, he found that things did not seem so simple. The heart can not help but flash a thought: this knife, but also a story. However, it is not Zhang Yu's habit to explore the truth. Especially in the face of such an indifferent person as the knife, Zhang Yu will not ask for trouble. But Zhang Yu did not intend to give up like this, he said: "Since you do not want to, then I did not say it.". However, I still hope that if there is a chance in the future, I can make friends with you. After all, you can live without anything, but you can't live without friends. Xing Dao was silent for a moment. Then he said, "Let's talk about it later.". None of us can predict what will happen in the future. ” This time, the knife did not say the words completely dead, which made Zhang Yu feel slightly gratified. Zhang Yu shook the bloodthirsty spear in his hand and pulled out a gorgeous red spear flower. He said, "Let's start the gladiatorial fight. I believe the audience has been impatient for a long time. The knife nodded in agreement, but did not speak. Instead, he stuck the unusually long scabbard in his hand on the ground.". Although the ground of the arena is made of hard rock, the scabbard is still easily inserted into it. Chapter 590-a world-shaking knife. The sudden appearance of the knife made the audience in the Anfield arena obviously dull. But by this time they had returned to normal. Seeing that it seemed that a new gladiatorial contest was about to begin, the audience immediately shouted excitedly. Don't you come to the arena just to watch the exciting gladiatorial matches? What could be better than spending the same amount of money and watching two wonderful gladiatorial matches in a row?! However, it is different from the uniform support for Zhang Yu just now. The crowd in the Anfield arena was divided into two distinct groups at this time. Each supported Zhang Yu and Xing Dao respectively. These emotional crowds, even before Zhang Yu and Xing Dao started fighting, had already staged a scene of full force in the stands. The Anfield arena not only did not stop the excessive behavior of the spectators in the stands, but also sold all kinds of weapons and magic props in the stands. There is a suspicion of taking the opportunity to make a war fortune. Zhang Yu glanced at the chaotic situation on the stage and could not help laughing. Although Zhang Yu's moment of desertion was short, he was keenly caught by the knife. The right hand of the knife suddenly clapped the scabbard,warehousing storage solutions, and the sound of a dragon singing came from the scabbard. Cold and piercing sharp knife gas, suddenly swept out from the scabbard, so that the whole world seems to be shrouded in this surging knife gas.