Wei smiles all over the world

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The queen mother is here." There were no eunuchs and maids in the room, so they were all driven out.

Now, I gave myself a reason to go with her and look for the Elder Martial Brother with her? Don't you have to worry? He really wanted to know why the girl in front of him was not interested in himself? First of all, she doesn't seem to be a person who is indifferent to beauty. She has been in a daze, but she hasn't reached the level of being moved. She has been in contact with her for so long, but she hasn't given herself a little chance. Could it be that she is so affectionate to her third brother that the rest of the men can't get into her eyes at all? But why don't you look like it? Is there such an unshakable feeling in the world? It scares me. But even if she really falls in love with her third brother, will he admit defeat? Of course not. Lan Jing is already a person who is widely rumored to have the same strength as him, and he has not yet met him head-on. But, in front of this Bai Xiaofan, will be the first opportunity? I just don't know if Lan Jing likes Bai Xiaofan, but if she does, it will be more interesting. Would he like to take Lan Jing's little sister to play first? The above calculation did not take him too much time. After he thought about it, he looked up at the way of heaven. "It's getting late today. I'm afraid the city gates are closed. You go back to my Chuang Tzu with me to stay for one night. Tomorrow, I'll accompany you to look for your third brother." "Really?"? Can you accompany me? Bai Xiaofan bulged his eyes and couldn't believe it. Yue Weilan nodded, and her long black hair slipped down his shoulder. "Anyway, I'm used to being bored alone. I might as well accompany you. Otherwise, you're a girl, and you don't know martial arts and magic. It's dangerous to go alone on the road. I'm not at ease either." Yes, if it is eaten by other monsters, it is a pity to have such a good seedling. Then I'll blame you! Bai Xiaofan's eyes curved into a crescent moon, his cheeks dimpled,mobile racking systems, and he looked like a child with sugar. She is penniless now, and the baggage and so on are put in the big brother's home, at this time, it should not be convenient to take. She really needs a capable and thoughtful person like Yueweilan to help her find it. Otherwise, what can she do if she finds it? If the Third Elder Martial Brother is in danger, she can only stare. The only trouble is that going out with Yueweilan is too eye-catching. Moon Weilan saw her smile, a slight stagnation,heavy duty rack manufacturers, then also smiled, turned around, invited Bai Xiaofan to his villa, the villa is called the moon. The house was full of shadows, the palace was lonely, and one or two palace lanterns were lit on the palace road where no one was walking. Probably, all the people who should sleep had already slept, but at this time, the emperor of Dali was still busy. Second brother, "Feng Mo Fei went to sit down beside Feng Mo Ran's bed." You can rest in the palace for the time being these days. When the wound is healed, you can go back to your palace. " Feng nodded slowly, but still without expression. Second brother, you say, who wants to assassinate me this time? Feng Mofei seemed to have fallen in love with the jade pendant he had asked the craftsman to imitate, wire mesh decking ,drive in racking system, and the baby carved on it became more and more smooth and shiny under the constant rubbing of his hands. He had long been accustomed to Feng's indifferent attitude and did not take it seriously at all. He smiled and chatted with Feng. I should think like you. Feng's indifferent eyes also fell on the jade pendant in the hands of Feng Mofei. Feng indifferently carried the rope through the jade pendant in his hand and looked at the light. "Yes, so it seems that when she left, her glance had a profound meaning. Did she take Bai Xiaofan away?"? Interesting "What did she take Bai Xiaofan for?" "Feng never says much, just express what he wants to express." Brought it for questioning? Or an investigation to confirm? Or directly recognize relatives? Ha ha, who can know what that woman is thinking in her heart, but I must investigate Bai Xiaofan's life experience clearly. Feng Mofei took the jade pendant into his hand again and held it tightly. What if we think too much? Feng Moran hesitated for a moment, raised his eyes, looked at Feng Mofei, and asked. For that woman, it is better to guard against her than not to guard against her. I have ordered the assassin to be wanted, but I don't know if I can find him. If you find it, you can ask clearly. "At this point, Feng Mofei smiled again." But maybe I can also insist that this person is appointed by her. If other things are enough to threaten her position, I will count it in.. " Feng Mo ran did not say much, since Feng Mo Fei already had an idea, what else did he need to say? In fact, he had wanted to ask what Feng Mofei thought about Bai Xiaofan's cry and asked him to save himself. However, there is something about Bai Xiaofan, Feng Mofei himself should know, he does not like others to ask. However, I really owe Bai Xiaofan a favor. He doesn't like to owe others, so he will find a chance to pay it back. How is your mother's health recently? After a long silence, Feng Mofei asked aloud. Still the same, two days ago, looking at the spirit of a little better, these two days but again confused, from time to time talk nonsense, and. An undignified act. "" There was a kind of sadness and worry in Feng's eyes, which drooped indifferently, and there seemed to be boredom in his voice. Feng Mofei was about to speak when he heard a report from outside: "The queen mother is here." There were no eunuchs and maids in the room, so they were all driven out. After the two men looked at each other, Feng Mofei walked over, opened the door, and bowed his head slightly: "Mother, it's so late. Why bother to move here?" His face was sarcastic and disdainful, but his voice sounded really respectful and caring. When the Ai family heard that King Duan had been injured and was being kept in the palace, they came to have a look. There was no smile on Dugu Shuying's face, and he was very graceful and dignified with his usual airs. Mother, it's already late at night, and perhaps it's time for King Duan to rest. "Isn't the emperor still here?"? Ai Jia went in for a visit and then left. Dugu Shuying lowered his voice and said slowly. Yes, the queen mother, please come in. "Feng Mofei gave way and secretly scolded her for being a cat crying for a mouse. She probably came to see if anyone was dead." Thank the queen mother care, son minister is all right, "Feng Mo ran just slightly sideways, ready to salute,warehouse storage racks, was stopped by Dugu Shuying, and gently pushed him back to the bedside." Don't be too polite. Just have a good rest. I heard that you were injured in order to save the emperor's son. Is there a reward for the emperor's son? Dugu Shuying sat slowly on the brocade stool beside the bed and asked Feng Mofei, who had followed him in.