Happy Jianghu

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At this time, the situation in the courtyard was that Yushaner and Baili Lianxue were in the east, Li Beiyu and Yu Chutian were in the south, and Du Peng and Gao Zheng were in the northwest.

"It's not good," said Li Beiyu. "If that person has a deep skill, I'm afraid the feather stem will have to be broken halfway. Besides, if someone uses the Qi movement guidance such as the Great Shift Divine Skill, I'm afraid the parting feather will become a waste!" Pretty good! If the parting feather will be affected by the other side's Qi return force at any time, I am afraid that after the other side finds out, every time he leaves, the feather stem will fail every time. Du Peng sighed and said, "Don't lose heart, bald bird. Failure is the mother of success.." With a wry smile, Li Beiyu shook his head and sighed, "Let's go to the garden and see how Gu Qiuquan is preparing for the big altar." There are already people in the garden, and the time has come. Gu Qiuquan reluctantly leaned against the tree trunk, and Li Beiyu and Du Peng just came from the room. Hey, there's a lot of people in the garden. Yu Chutian sighed first and approached, saying, "Bald bird, big bird, I can't help it. My precious sister is going to enjoy the moon and drink tea here with that hundred miles of pitiful snow.." On the small pavilion, Yushaner and Baili Pian Xue can talk happily! In the dark, there is a man pacing out, is Gao Zheng! Yu Chutian said with a wry smile, "Lord Gaotan said we can't do this without him.." "Are there any more?" Asked Du Peng with a wry smile. "There is another one!" A charming voice came out of the flowers and pointed to his nose and said,Ceramic Band Heater, "That's me." "You?" Du Peng looked at Yu Shaner's maid, Bi He, and said with a wry smile, "If you don't go to bed, why are you joining in the fun so late?"? “ Bihe blushed and said, "I like it." When she had finished, she smiled and stopped Du Peng. Darling, does this girl like me? Du Peng asked Li Beiyu with a wink to relieve danger. As expected,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, Li Beiyu was a good friend and laughed and said, "Miss Bihe, aren't you afraid of catching a cold when it's cold in the evening?" "I'm not afraid," Bihe answered, but his eyes did not leave Du Peng. That's good. "Li Beiyu nodded and said," Our big bird is not very good at martial arts. I'll have to trouble you to take care of him.. " Hey, hey, what kind of friend is this? Du Pengcai wanted to stare at his "friends" viciously. Li Beiyu laughed and said, "But.." This "but", immediately that Du Peng's dirty words swallowed back, and wait for the following. "But what?" Said Biheli. "It's particularly important to have a raindrop," said Li Beiyu. "First, you must ask Miss Yu to change places to talk about love with that Baili brother.." Bihe frowned, nodded and said, "I think the young lady and I, like sisters, Ozone generator ceramic plate ,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, will help. What about the second point?" Du Peng was laughing, so was Yu Chutian, and even Gao Zheng and Gu Qiu, who was standing on his head, were all laughing, because they thought Li Beiyu must have a good way to trick the girl. Li Beiyu coughed lightly and then said, "That's my friend Du who likes clean and fragrant beauties.". So Can I ask the girl to take a shower first? As soon as this word came out, several men were very sad. Do you know. How sad it is when a person wants to laugh and has to hold back? I do not know? I don't know if you can try it next time. I'm sure it will be more sad than not finding the hair room in a hurry. Our Bihe girl's face changed several times before she took a long breath and said, "When will the people who come in the evening arrive?" "I don't know," Li Beiyu shrugged. "They didn't tell me." Nonsense-Bihe gritted his teeth and nodded: "Good." With that, she turned around and went to the small pavilion to talk with Yushaner in a low voice. Moments later, Yushaner and Baili Pian Xue actually left. Du Peng smiled at Li Beiyu and said, "You're a good friend.." Li Beiyu didn't dare to think so. He just said, "Hide. Those friends are coming soon.." "Does Brother Li already know the moment of their action?" Asked Yu Chutian. Li Beiyu smiled and said, "Women have a sixth sense, and so do men." Di Yanyang had been lurking in the backyard of Yufeng Hall for a long time, watching Li Beiyu and others disperse. He smiled in his heart. The yard had really taken the trouble to set up that black net. It's just that I climbed over the wall through the front door. Di Yanyang is a little different from all the killers. He thinks that all the people he wants to kill deserve to die, so he never comes from the back door secretly, but enters from the front door openly. Although, the same is over the wall across the ridge, but the mentality is different, self-confidence is different! Different self-confidence, different life and death! After a stick of incense, Di Yanyang had seen dozens of figures from the hidden treetops to the alley outside the wall of Yufeng Hall. All of them were masked and agile, but it could still be seen that two of them were women. At this time, there seems to be movement in the yard. Di Yanyang first saw that Yushaner and Baili Liexue also dived back into the yard, and they jumped to the left to hide. At this time, the situation in the courtyard was that Yushaner and Baili Lianxue were in the east, Li Beiyu and Yu Chutian were in the south, and Du Peng and Gao Zheng were in the northwest. As for the man standing on his head, it's due north. Di Yanyang smiled secretly, and when he saw the masked killers outside the backyard wall, he lined up silently. Obviously, everyone's skill is not bad, and the tacit understanding is enough. The other side carefully counted the actions of the fourteen killers, and already knew that the two women were in the fourth and seventh places respectively. As for the ninth, who was particularly domineering, I think it was blind Zhang. Di Yanyang had calculated the angle and direction of his attack. By this time, the fourteen killers had jumped over the wall at the same time. By this time, our Bihe girl had already taken a bath, which was said to break the record of women. She rushed to the yard and shouted, "Du Peng, Du Peng, where are you?" Then this recklessness, the fourteen killers have climbed over the wall to fall, that knows suddenly came this cry, all in the heart a stunned, Dantian Na Jin, speed up and then fall. Fall, fall into the outline of wind chimes! Li Beiyu secretly already felt someone hiding in the northeast direction of the treetops, a little meditation is known to be Di Yanyang to kill the killer. The heart secretly dispute,ceramic igniter electrodes, suddenly see fourteen killers from the wall jumped in at the same time, and happened to meet the Bihe this call. Brilliant! At once the net was kicked by the crowd, and then it tinkled!.